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  1. I would like to develop a medium sized website which I will be starting by a personal one and then moving out to make it to a commercial one. I would like to add functionalities like e commerce also. I have thought a lot about the web hosting and thought yahoo geocities is a good option. I would like to know which language should i start with> Should i use CSS or xtml or html. which one would be better for me. I am confused with this , or should i wait and learn .net and asp as well as php and then build my website or should i start now itself with other options like html, xtml or css, which is better for me, I am confused with this . please help me
  2. Hi all My name is rakesh and I am new to this website. This is the most wonderful website that I have seen which offers in depth and comprehensive materials to learn webdesigning. I am really impressed with this website. So lets start the learning>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. I am from India and aged 18.
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