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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an issue, please post it in the forum instead of PM-ing it to me. I'll most likely not answer you whether I know the answer or not (unless perhaps it's a really trivial issue and/or you want a clarification of something I've said in the forum). On the forum, at least you have a good change of someone else assisting you.






A young single male Bulgarian here ^_^ .

My main occupation is an IT consultant (if you've watched The IT Crowd, that's the kind of profession I'm talking about), and I'm also a hobbyist web developer*. I currently work at my father's computer shop, where I sell and fix computers and networks. In addition, my father fixes printers, and is often the one to deal with hardware (in general) when it needs fixing, making us "one heck of a good team" (according to the larger part of our customers).

I'm currently a student in IT at my local (Plovdiv) University, and as you may guess, I'm an A grade at it... except the Math parts though... since half the subjects are math related, and the others are IT related, you can guess I'm overall considered an "average" student.

If this is the first time you've heared about Bulgaria as a country, I should tell you that if there's anything we're proud enough to tell about (and sadly, there's a lot we aren't proud to tell about), that's our music. Having said that, here are a few interesting Bulgarian musical arts you may like:

  • Funny ones:
    - technically a real music video, but it's not representative of most real music videos. The lyrics say basically the same stuff you're seeing in the video.

    Valentina Hasan - Ken Lee - that's what a Bulgarian does when (s)he thinks (s)he can sing in English.

  • Real ones:
    - a great hit when it came out, it's now somewhat old, but still popular. Many famous Bulgarian people, among which our current prime minister, make an appearance.

    Grafa - Happiest man - you don't need to know the lyrics to feel good when you listen to it.

    Gergana - Final night - one of the most popular representatives of the most popular music genre in Bulgaria - pop-folk. No longer a hit, but in my opinion still a great song. Not to mention a very representative video - they're all as hot as this, if not hotter.

    Anelia - Everything leads to you - another pop-folk representative, only this song is still popular, even though it's relatively old. The artist is also one of the few who has mixed with pop and rock singers (case in mind), and who is... um... "natural" in every way you can think of (Gergana, AFAIK, is too btw, but they're among the too few exceptions).

  • English ones:
    - one of the few Bulgarian artists to be featured on (the european?) MTV. To be honest, I don't like the lyrics much, but the rhytm is nice.


    Grafa - Time - yes, him again (What?... he's one of the best). Bulgarians, naturally, prefer the Bulgarian version, but if you ask me, the English one is just as good thanks to the fact that the lyrics have nothing to do with the original ones. If you think the video doesn't really fit the lyrics, it's exactly because the video is optimized for the original ones.

P.S. If you have any opinions about those, posting a comment on my profile would probably be a good place to say it.

* If you wonder what could that mean, think of it like that - I develop sites for personal needs, for friends, and sometimes for 3rd parties that pay for it, but I don't expect them to give me loads of money for that work, nor do I promise them the world when they do pay.

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