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  1. Not programming forums I'd assume. So you're probably unfamiliar with how developers deal in such environments... even early on in their career.We go straight to the solution of a problem, without considering the feelings of the person who originally posed the question, or how exactly they're going to interpret our tone. We end up doing this because programming makes us obsessed with efficiency and completeness, and thus we lose sight of "fluff", in this case "Hey buddy, you will not find many users here. Try [...]". You'll find this is many programming forums, but on most other kinds of forums, you won't. Obviously, this is not how things should be, but it is how things are.Which brings me to my core point... ... I'm pretty sure you're over analysing what he's saying, and over reacting to it, which is why you're the one creating a scene.Rather than picturing it as a , picture it with a more , and you'll see he's not making fun of you, but simply proposing a better way to complete your desired goal... without any sugar coating around it, which is what makes you go defensive.Does that mean that like many people in such communities, davej has poor social skills? I'm sorry davej, but the answer is "Yes". Is that good? No.But does that give you an excuse to over react? No. Here's a tip: Whenever a statement needs to be "read properly" to give one impression, and gives a different impression otherwise - assume good intentions, and ask for a clarification. Like "I'm sorry, are you under the impression I'm a kid who thinks people can suddenly teleport from the other side of the world and/or thinks the whole internet is like one small village?! If so, you're wrong - I realize my chances here are low. I'm just posting here despite that, since I don't need such a person, but I know I'd learn better if I knew one". The tone? Again, read it as "neutral"... Except the first sentence, that's unambiguously a sign of slight irritation, that SHOULD give a signal to davej to be more careful on the "feely" part, or else he'd be the one coming off as a ###### in his next reply.I'm not going to close the topic until davej comes in to explicitly clarify his intentions for himself.
  2. boen_robot

    Valid number?

    Why would you reject that if you can just use the number value though?I mean, you can simply do: x = new Number(x);if (!isNaN(x)) { //No problem. Continue with "x", that is now surely a valid number.}
  3. I think he means "semantic association", as in "it's meant to be this way", as opposed to "it looks this way". Lists, tables, and any non-inline element can't be part of a paragraph, as already stated. So yes, if you want to group a piece of text and something else, it's best to surround the group with a different element, such as "div".
  4. Actually, all named entities are absorbed.Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about that, since we don't have file level access to the forum's internals, and this is a PHP issue.AFAIK, the only workaround is to encode your "&" into "&".
  5. boen_robot

    @media vs media=

    Well, the HTML5 spec defines the media attribute as containing a valid media query, and that's the spec all modern browsers actually implement, so yeah - those are indeed equivalent.
  6. Depends on what exactly is the web server you want to use this PHP with. Check out PHP's manual on installation. The process is valid for pretty much any PHP version.Happy holidays.
  7. davej is not a spammer. Rather than trying to guess how he reached his count, you can actually look at his posts from his profile.Besides, in this forum, we don't really care about post count - you don't get any additional forum rights for having higher post count. Exactly what do you think a "moderator" is? You seem to imply it's some sort of badge of skill... but that's not the case. A moderator is simply someone who can "moderate" the forum (e.g. delete posts, move topics, ban users, etc.).On this forum, yes, us moderators also happen to be the people to most often answer questions, but you don't have to be a moderator to answer, nor does being a moderator mean you "have" to answer. Plus, we could ask questions too (I know I've asked several).Oh, and BTW, we're not part of the W3Schools staff either (in case that's what you were actually thinking). On internet forums (not just this one - any forum), everyone has the "right" to both teach and ask questions. There is no "license" regime. With that said, davej is not even "teach"-ing you per se. You do know that's not the problem davej is pointing out... right?The problem is that this is a global forum, and you're looking for someone that you can basically meet in person... The chances of you finding such a person here are low, which is why he's recommending you search in a site with local people - you'll almost certainly find such a person there.In other words, it's all well intentioned, even if it comes out as if it isn't. This is something you'll find very frequently with development communities in general, so brace yourself for more of it. So many wrong this with this statement... but I'll focus on the most important bit: That's simply rude of you. And the only real "rule" we have (beyond "don't be a spammer") is "don't be rude". Because this is your very first post, I'm giving you a free pass, but realize you're the aggressor here.
  8. boen_robot

    What is an SRO ?

    I'm guessing it means "SQL Relational Object", which means basically "any piece of data in SQL that has an identifier", but I'm extrapolating based on the context. I don't know for sure if that's the case.
  9. Because it's free, royalty free, open source, and non commercial (as opposed to Opera which is not open sourced and requires royalties from the developers if bundled, or Chrome, which is owned by a corporation).
  10. Adjust the for-each's XPath so that it only matches the desired number, e.g. <xsl:for-each select="opts/opt[position() <= 2]">
  11. From PHP's point of view, "output" is "HTTP content", i.e. anything that is sent to the client that is not an "HTTP header". Cookies are sent as headers.PHP may be configured to delay sending "output" until execution of the PHP file is finished (the so called "output buffering"). In that case, within the PHP file, it may look "as if" you're first writing output and then send headers, but in reality, PHP is still always sending headers first and content afterwards. If you use this "feature", the user won't see anything until the PHP file is finished, so your file better be fast.
  12. Well... OK... but again, it's important to note my six rules may not be that teacher's six rules.1. Add an appropriate DTD.2. Nest appropriately, i.e. instead of stuff like <p><b>Bold <i>bold and italic</b> italic</i></p> use <p><b>Bold <i>bold and italic</i></b><i> italic</i></p> 3. Close empty tags in accordance to the chosen DTD, e.g. if you're using an HTML DTD, use <br> and if you're using an X(HT)ML DTD, use <br /> 4. At ALL times you want to write "&", use "&" instead. Don't forget the "&" in "src" and "href" attributes.5. Always specify an "alt" attribute on images, even if it's an empty one.6. Always specify the charset of your document with an appropriate meta tag at the head (ideally, use and specify "UTF-8").
  13. It looks to me as if someone had an HTML class, where the teacher had their own "six rules" that they deem most critical. So rather than writing these rules down, the person asked at Yahoo! Answers what these rules were, hoping they're universal, and that therefore, people will know the answer.
  14. I don't know about "fault tolerant", but a virtual server certainly allows providers to give more power to the user without a security risk or hardware costs.From a software point of view, a virtual server is the same as a real server. From hardware point of view, MULTIPLE virtual servers run on the same hardware, without interfering with each other, so it's "as if" you have multiple devices... except not really.In addition to cloud providers, there are "Virtual Private Hosting" (VPS) providers, which are basically like a dedicated server - you have full access to the OS and all of its software and settings - except that the hardware is shared with other VPS instances though virtualization. Because of this, VPS is generally more expensive than shared hosting, but cheaper than "actual" dedicated hosting.To be on a cloud provider is a little different from being on a VPS. A VPS is still a single server. Sure, most providers also keep backups for redundancy, and (here's perhaps where the "fault tolerant" thing comes from) they can recover a VPS from one hardware onto a different hardware if the old one fails.A "cloud", if the provider is actually being honest (rather than abusing "cloud" as a buzzword), means that the thing you're seeing as a single server is actually a collection of servers, which are typically multiple VPS instances, but could also be dedicated servers. You don't know, and (the key bit) you don't need to, as the provider ensures you're working as if you're on a single server, while they take care of balancing the load and ensuring there's enough servers to power your site.
  15. As mentioned, a router acts as a "gateway". But what's a "gateway" you may wonder?A gateway is a device that connects one local network with another local network... from said device's point of view. Computers that are instead connected over switches have direct visibility to each other, i.e. you type the IP address, and you're there. There's no need to configure any device in any fashion.In your drawing, all PCs are connected over a switch, while the two lines coming out from "Router1" represent the two local networks Router1 is connecting. If the PCs want to connect to the servers, they'll connect to Router1, and Router1 will then forward their request to the requested server.Now... I think the problem your mentor is alluding to might be the portion between Router0 and Router1. These two routers share a common local network. All other devices within that network (the servers) have direct visibility with both of them. The "problem" however is that they can't connect to both. They can connect only to one. Only routers can connect to multiple different other routers, depending on the IP address the client wants to connect to (e.g. Router1 could sometimes connect to Router0, or connect to a different device in that network if need be).Assuming Router0 is responsible for providing internet access, I guess the problem can be paraphrased as "With this setup, the servers can't be accessed from both the local PCs and the internet".How exactly do you solve this problem depends on the desired final setup.
  16. boen_robot

    DJ centre script

    << Previous posts separated out from this topic >>
  17. << Moved the off topic discussion into its own topic >>
  18. As you've already realized, both PHP and ASP.NET, as well as any other web language can do what you want to do.How easy it is depends entirely on what you're more familiar with. PHP is probably easier for newbies to web development though, since you can embed just portions of it "inline" with HTML. This is not exactly a best practice, but with that out of the equation, it boils mostly to a matter of preference. At this forum, you'll find more people able to assist you with PHP, but ASP.NET has an equal following on other forums, so that's not exactly a base for comparison either. It's sort of the only method. Except that you don't even need to (re)load the music when the strip changes. You only need to (re)load the music when the new strip requires it. Ideally, you'd store the path to the strip and its associated music file within a database, so that using AJAX, you can only fetch those, and as mentioned, reload the music only if its different from your current one. That's the core idea of AJAX and PHP. You just create one file that serves as a "program" rather than many "static" file.You may have to look up the SQL tutorial for how to connect the comments. Look at the part about foreign keys in particular.
  19. For trivial examples, you may as well search MSDN.Here's one example about that from it.
  20. I use Firefox primarily, but I also test in IE9, Opera and Chrome. I used to test in Safari, until I learned Apple has discontinued it on Windows.I use Windows 7, so my only way to test IE8 is with document mode or a VM. I rarely test in IE8 on any form nowadays, but I still hold back on features I know IE8 lacks, so that compatibility issues with it are minimal.
  21. The "|" means "or", as in "what you see on the left of this sign OR what you see on the right of this sign".It's a BNF symbol.For simplicity, instead of explaining such notations, W3Schools just give you examples.
  22. boen_robot

    header location

    Yes. It's normal.What you're missing is that PHP collects all headers, and only sends all of them once output starts, or when the script is finished (whichever comes first). By doing "exit;", you're forcing the end of the script, and thus all headers are sent.
  23. FWIW, W3Fools itself hasn't been updated in a while, despite the fact a good number of the issues pointed out are fixed already. The stuff you see stricken through was the stuff that was fixed only a few days after the site's public announcement.They probably haven't bothered, because their "core" issue - the JavaScript tutorial - is not addressed yet. That said, there are few other absolute beginner tutorials on the web that are as complete and as clear as those. Most are focused on programmers coming from other languages, or focus on a few JavaScript features, or they are even more outdated than W3Schools' tutorials, or they have the same kind of flaws W3Fools points out.
  24. You must define your own type, and use it instead.In addition to xs:date, the built in types include xs:gDay, xs:gMonth, xs:gYear. You can combine them into a new type.I'm not actually sure if you can use them in a string though... but you can certainly use them on different attributes or elements.
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