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    new pc spec

    Yes, that motherboard for Intel s1155, which is i5 and i7's socket.Personally, I prefer Intel CPUs, because they always deliver what they say deliver, and I appreciate that greatly. AMD CPUs typically deliver less than what they promise, but can be over-clocked to deliver sometimes better speeds than what they promise. If you're willing to take the risk of over-clocking and/or have money for a great cooler, AMD is a good choice. That's not the case for most people, which is why I typically offer Intel unless they explicitly ask for AMD.A motherboard doesn't have to be anything special. As long
  2. boen_robot

    new pc spec

    In the PC configuration app from the supplier we use at work, the cheapest motherboard is "GigaByte H61M-S1 ddr3/Sata2/VGA PCI-E s1155" at $53.28 (including VAT). I also used Western Digital's 1TB, as they're cheaper.Actually, here's the generated offer. The $545.2 you see at the bottom is a price without VAT (the real price is the most bottom one), except Bulgarian suppliers often artificially lower prices to make the otherwise required VAT price closer to the international average.Even if the price without VAT was actually "the" international average, with a normal case (incl. a power supply
  3. boen_robot

    new pc spec

    The prices depend somewhat on where you live.I don't know the prices in India, but with the prices where I live, the kind of components you've already decided on are a little over $600 already. And that's without a case. With the cheapest compatible motherboard added, it goes to a little over $650.
  4. Dude... if you have an idea about a universal shopping cart system... publish it in some code repository (GitHub, SourceForge, etc.), not in forums.
  5. If you want a way to avoid this warning while also having the same effect, you can prefix the condition with "false !==". This will make NetBeans realize that while you're having an assignment, it's not an accidental one, since you're having an actual comparison with a higher priority.That said, in most cases, including this one, this is completely redundant, and would in fact slow down the script ever so slightly. You can safely ignore this warning if you really intend to assign a new value to the variable at each iteration/condition.
  6. If you knew, you'd just write the number. You need to use the count() function instead exactly becase you don't know, and the number is dynamic.
  7. Errr.... is that a question or statement?If statement... yes... so what? count() would detect that number.If it's a question... come on, do I need to spell out the code? $count = $ParsedXml->count();foreach($ParsedXml->Product as $position => $current) {if ($position < $count) {//Last node}}
  8. Using the count(), you can get the total number of child elements of a particular node (e.g. all elements inside "Product"). In addition to that, at the foreach, you can request getting the posistion of the current node as a key foreach($ParsedXml->Product as $position => $current) Within the foreach, simply check if ($position < $count), and act accordingly.
  9. I've tried it with all validators I have, and they all validate it.If your teacher is saying "no", he might mean that your schema is not according to the specification of the XML language.He should've provided you with some "human readable" description (a.k.a. "a specification") of what the XML is allowed to contain, like "'wordlist_words' element, with one or more 'words' element in it"... your XML Schema is supposed to reflect that description, whatever it might've been.I can't help at all without knowing the specification.
  10. Yes. Ask them if they can provice "Zend Optimizer" (this is a PHP extension required to make PHP run those files) and if not, look for another host that has it or find an alternative PHP file that doesn't use Zend Guard.
  11. No. The very point of hash algorithms like sha1() is that data hashed with it can't be decrypted back.You can (and should) store the username of a user in the session to recover it from there.
  12. There are a few ways, but the one I'd recommend is simply using the DateTime class. You don't need to use three "variables" (BTW, the word is "variable", not "varitable").If you need to do calculations with dates (why else do you need the date parts separately?), there are a lot of helper methods, like diff() for example.If you don't, you can just call format() with the portions you need, e.g. <?php$date = new DateTime();$y = $date->format('Y');$m = $date->format('m');$d = $date->format('d');?>
  13. Maybe if you remove the 'standalone="no"'. This attribute is supposed to instruct the parser that it must load the DTD (if provided) for purposes other than validation, but since you have no DTD, perhaps that makes xmllint think something is not right here.
  14. If you can now successfully validate it, I don't need it . Can you? At a quick glance, I can't see anything wrong, but if this fails validation, the error messages will be useful in pointing out the problem.
  15. Your XML should have whatever namespace you associate for the XSD. Since you have xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="wordlist_english_xsd.xsd" You should have no namespace in the XML. In other words, remove xmlns="http://www.w3schools.com" Your XML and XSD samples are incomplete, so if the above change doesn't fix it, you'll have to reveal more - an XML and XSD that include all distinct elements you're going to have, at the minimum required times (i.e. no need to dump the whole word list, just one entry in the list containing all features).
  16. DTD isn't aware of XML features like "xml:lang" or "xml:space", and "xml:id". XML Schema should be all right though.Can you give a reduced XML sample and the XML Schema you have?
  17. We also sometimes lock topics which are supposed to be edited by admins/moderators only, in order to avoid clutter. Such is the case with all FAQ and tips topics in particular.
  18. boen_robot

    hacker paid

    Yeah, basically, any site where you read about "how to protect yourself" is also a guide how to hack... after all, anyone who does NOT follow the recommendations is vulnerable under whatever conditions are described. I mean, such guides basically tell you "someone (wink, wink) can do this".
  19. I think you meant this:http://php.net/manual/en/functions.anonymous.phpAnd although there's no example, you can see the changelog at the bottom says 5.4 allows $this to be used in anonymous functions.
  20. You can use the "use" statement, but I think this only became allowed in PHP 5.4, so you might not want to get used to it if you're making apps for servers not under your control.Still... if you have that: public function hello() { $list = array(1, 2, 3, 4, 5); $this->iterate($list, function($num) use ($this) { echo $this->multiply_by_100($num) . 'hello <br>'; });}
  21. boen_robot

    hacker paid

    Chill. No one is actually accusing you of anything. ;)Even if you were to want to get into the "hacking business", I for one would still support you IF you were to leave notes to the victims, telling them how you did it, and how they could've prevented it (the so called "grey hat" hackers). You'd only be a PITA if you just hacked and ran (the so called "black hat" hackers).
  22. For future reference's sake - if a path starts with "/", under UNIX, it will always be relative to the root, regardless of your CWD.That being said, some applications might treat "the root" as something other than the OS' root, but if that's so, they'll explicitly clarify it. PHP doesn't do that though... Apache sort of does it (paths without quotes that start with "/" are relative to the "ServerRoot").
  23. Yes, the link to your style sheet wasn't good... but we could've found this out earlier if you did what we asked of you.Strictly speaking, we actually don't know if the link to your style sheet is good now... you still haven't posted the... page you have problems with... so we're just taking your word for it.
  24. Who's saying you do? I didn't say that. Read my post again please:
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