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    An easy way to set up a forum is to use something like phpbb, it's free and easy to set up.All you need is a server with php and mysql installed on it and it pretty much installs itself.-->nikosapi
  2. Hello everyone,Here is my situation: - I have a linux server at my house.- Since it's a dynamic ip I use no-ip.info for forwarding so I don't have to pay $10 per month for a static ip.- I just bought a .org domain that I forward to my no-ip.info domain.The problem:- When I want access a page, for example the stuff page I would type: http://blabla.no-ip.info/stuff and I would be forwarded to that page.- With my new .org domain if I type: http://blabla.org/stuff it brings me to the main page!?!- Could it be because I use frames on my page?- Or because I'm forwarding from my .org domain to my no-
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