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  1. Thank you, that worked.I also changed another variables like rgVinho and edNome and it worked just fine.
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    Just Starting Php

    Hi all, I saw this code of a form that uses a PHP script. It was in a book, where i am learning PHP, but it didn't worked. What i mean is that the form was ok and when i clicked the button i went to another page of the PHP file, but then there was just the messages of echo command without the variable parameters, or they were unchanging, maybe there is something wrong in the syntax? I use linux, do i need to set permissions in the files?(now they are rw for user, group and others) <html><form method=post action=processa.php>Seu Nome:<input type=text name=edNome><br><br>Vinho preferido:<input type=radio name=rgVinho value=br checked>Vinho Branco<input type=radio name=rgVinho value=mr >Merlot<input type=radio name=rgVinho value=tt >Tinto<br><br>Hora ideal para beber:<input type=checkbox name=bebi[] value=m >Manhã<input type=checkbox name=bebi[] value=a >Almoço<input type=checkbox name=bebi[] value=j >Jantar<input type=checkbox name=bebi[] value=q >A qualquer hora<br><br><input type=submit value="Click aqui"></form></html> This is in the file processa.php:<?phpswitch ($rgVinho) {case 'br': $msgVinho='Ovinho branco é bom para o coração';break;case 'tt':$msgVinho='O vinho tinto é bom para o sangue';break;default: $msgVinho='O merlot é excelente';break;} $qtsVezes = count($bebi);if ($qtsVezes <=1)$msgVezes='Você bebe moderadamente';elseif ($qtsVezes > 1 && $qtsVezes < 4 )$msgVezes='é melhor ir com calma!';else $msgVezes='Melhor você procurar um centro de AA.'; echo "Como vai $edNome?";echo "$msgVinho $msgVezes";?> Thank you
  3. Hi,Thank God, i am not alone!Thank you for your answer.I saw the page. I have some works to end for university, but later i will go back to this applets and to this tags.I thought it was more simple
  4. Well...More than 100 views and no reply....Maybe the question is too basic...but it is a question...doesn't it deserve at least a simple reply ????Maybe i am in the wrong place....????
  5. Hi all,I am starting in web design. I made a java applet and tried to run it in my browser (google chrome). I used the <object> tag and it didn't worked.When i tried with applet tag it worked. I think i am not using the right way the object tag, so i ask:How do i write an object tag to load an applet? Do i need an event(mouse click, for example)? Can i load it from a button?I didn't found much information about this in the website, so i am asking.Thank you.
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