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  1. eguru


    i think u can use wordpress and there is a plugin for it which makes it compatible with phpbb2 or as my friend told the above link produces an hack for phpbb2, i have tested the hack it is not fully functional.
  2. Dear Friends I have a unique problem in java, when i try to connect to mysql db.It shows an error message: I am using mysql MySQL 4.1.9 and tomcat 5.5 version.though i have loaded the driver in lib directory, it still displays the same errormessgae. Here is the jsp file which i use to connect to my database.http://localhost:8080/mysqljdbc.jsp Now is there anything i have to configure apart from this.Thanx in advance.
  3. the best one around here is joomla.org, it is a great
  4. eguru

    HTML Help, Please

    since the forum loads from invisionize server, it does not matter coz the bandwidth is managed by them, but if it loads from w3schools it would eat enough, and also makes the forum pages to load slow if a user wants to read a thread at slower connection.donot use gif at all in your signature.
  5. yes that can be done easily with PHP and MYSQL, but check in case of spidering technology now adopted by Search engines.
  6. eguru

    Google dominating

    i am big fan of microsoft coz they made the world what is today, but i am a fan of opensource community and work for opensource scripts and products and use linux on my pc.although at some point it makes me to stick at microsoft.
  7. eguru

    Google dominating

    not really, it has not. it is still in the market and would still be the no1.
  8. great you guys at 12 and 14 learn these things and people right here in india and too in dept of computer science at age 22 and above are not that much good in any language and even some donot know the basis.
  9. building a searchengine like google or others is not possible through PHP and MYSQL, you need to go for .net or java with oracle as backend.
  10. eguru

    Google dominating

    yes Microsoft is releasing in the market, but has some more features compared to ipod.
  11. nope, it is standard of your economy which makes your price higher there and lower here.our economy is low when compared to US and UK.
  12. check the connection to your database, username and password
  13. imaho good link, learnt something new today.Thanx
  14. Ok ok guys, it matters on how a person feels to learn, some might see ebook as useful and some books, and i come in second category.
  15. buying the books saves you lot of time in taking the printouts, 1. you waste your ink + power ( which can be used by govt for some other purpose ) + TIME ( the most important ) for a sum of money which u save.
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