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  1. ible-white


    SORRY andersmoen and boen_robot!I didn't think that saying a friendly "hi" would offend anyone.Don't respond, it's ok.thread can be closed...
  2. Just saying hi. Have not been here in months. Hope everyone is doing gr8! Well, have a wonderful day/ night!And ohh... Smile!
  3. Ok.Thanks.I'll try that.I'll let you know.
  4. Hi again,its been a while since i've been here. but i am back.i started to work on this website once again, and i have some issues that i have no idea how to fix. they are really IE issues and i'll really appreciate your help.ok- here goes:this is one of the pages that i am refering to: CLICK HEREeverything shows ok in firefox and opera. but, when its viewed in IE, (1) you have to scroll way down to the bottom to see whats on the page.(2) <h3>, <h3> and <h4> fonts shows much larger in IE than in the other browsers, giving it an ugly appearance.(3) the left side navigation is
  5. ible-white

    OT: Humans

    whoa-- why u guys turnig on me like that? hhhhmmm...... hey, i do believe you. why shouldn't i? lol. i guess that evolution does not have any unanswered questions right? u have given my beliefs lots of thoughts throughout ur lifetime. well, so have i. i have done a lot of studies both professionally and personally on evolution. so its not as though i dont know anything and have just turned my head away from it. so, there are too many unanswered questions for u to take my beliefs serious, and likewise, there are too many unanswered questions with ur beliefs for me as well-> hehe.... ple
  6. ible-white

    OT: Humans

    i'm back after some days. busy. busy. busy.well, my response has nothing to do with the last few comments about not discussing politics and religion and so on.anyway- i dont have much to say- i see most people are stuck in what they believe without fairly giving much thought to another's beliefs. and i see that i am the only one here fully backing up the Bible- everyone else seems to believe in evolution in one way or the other. so- whatever i say will just go in the right ear and come through the left. lol. so- i respect what u guys believe. thanks for sharing. but i'll definitely stick to
  7. i'm not sure if a lecturer might have mentioned it in college. but as far as i could remember- google. i think i was looking up something on css and came across it.
  8. ible-white

    OT: Humans

    well, thats the thing- i am not trying to convert anyone!!! (i've never even mentioned which denomination i belong to- and i probably wont). for me, its just a discussion. we are all different in many ways which is attributed to many things. but if anyone sees the light in which i am coming from along the way- wonderful! if not- oh well- i wont scream, i'll just smile, which i do a lot of (smile and laugh ) look it up sometime when u have time.=======================anyway- i got wedding invitations to do for someone, so i'm outta here for now...
  9. make use of the w3schools tutorials, its all u need... and its freeeeeeeee.... plus, u go at ur own pace.... in ur own time. http://www.w3schools.com/
  10. ible-white

    OT: Humans

    looks like evolution is falling back on the Christians hope- "faith" well, take out God out of this for a moment. at some moments in our lives we will be under the control of someone greater than ourselves-> our parents, teachers, boss, etc. The greatest leader was a great follower. you'll worry about the after life when u get there? i see. well, what u do now in this life will shape ur destiny. of course u have a purpose in life. i wont get into the nitty gritty purpose of ur life- that i dont know. but the larger picture is that (and you'll all scream at me again when i say it- i love wh
  11. ible-white

    OT: Humans

    u think its narrow minded? hmm.... well, a question was asked. i answered from my perspective and for this same reason i made sure i stated that at the very end. u have ur beliefs- but i will never ever say that u are narrow minded- its ur belief. respect! why wasnt dinasaurs mentioned? ha. was hippopotamus, jaguar, parrot, etc. mentioned? its impossible for the Bible to mention every single thing word for word. The Bible is only concerned with things thats important to our salvation. if u read what i wrote again- u would see that i explained b4 u even mentioned it why scientists can dig thing
  12. ible-white


    ha! i like that. tis true. right now, i have all the time in the world- yet i have no time! uuhhh.... sounds nuts? ha!
  13. no comment here--> just a smile
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