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  1. Hi Deirdre's Dad,Thanks for reply. My question is really - what are the merits/concerns when choosing how to do it. Rather than how to code it. Perhaps, as you seem to imply, I should just get on with it.
  2. Hi All,I want to set some graphic images as anchors that, when clicked, open a new window and display the first image but in a larger scale. Same as is very common in shopping websites.My question is what the best way to achieve this? My website is PHP/MySQL based but should I be looking at Javascript or Flash? Interested in what advantages one method has over the others.TIA
  3. Hi All,I'm George and I enjoy learning anything to do with computers. Particularly database design and implementation.Been developing PHP/MySQL website and need help to improve it and make it more secure. Hope I can offfer some help to others. Doing so will not only help them but also reinforce my understanding.George
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