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  1. Hello guys, i am very beginner in JS and the DOM (i suspect i require knowledge of it to do what i want). Anyway, i am using an open source lightbox-like script to pop out images and display them in a sequence. I want to modify that and add some additional information to the popout window. I want it much like facebook galleries, where you have the image displayed on the left and the information on the right. (there is an image attached).The script i am using creates the new elements required using JavaScript and i am wondering if i have to add additional JS code for the rest of the information i need. Now, there is another option, of pulling data from another page(using AJAX/frames) and displaying them in the frame. I had the page styled as i wanted but the Facebook and Twitter Like/Comment elements, wouldn't show up after the first frame. It may be something wrong with my code. What solution will be the best? To automatically generate the information using JS or display them using AJAX?
  2. You have to add your website to the search engines. Search google for "List website on SEARCHENGINE" (where SEARCHENGINE is google, yahoo, bing etc). You'll find the locations where you can add your website there.
  3. Some hosting CPanels come with online file managers that allows you to access the server like you would with FTP and you can also edit your files. I guess you could use one of those.
  4. For the same reason they are using the same log in details in every website. They don't care about privacy.
  5. Just realized that. Thanks.
  6. Why is that? Because he is not checking what kind of file is uploaded?
  7. TheGallery

    mail() questions

    I think all you have to do is open the default SMTP port (which is 25) in order to work. At least that's the error i am getting when trying to send emails from my localserver.
  8. In order to start making money from ads you have to have a lot of visitors. I used adsense once and i only managed to earn 15 euros within 2 months with an average of 100 visitors(not unique) per day.
  9. For comments you'll have to refer to facebook API, here is the link for more information: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/comments/ About your second question, it depends on your skills. You'll need a server-side language, and a database.
  10. I thought of that myself but since he is using the image as a background, wouldn't the image change dimensions depending on the user monitor? With the link element having a fixed size & dimensions that would be problematic right?
  11. Your inline style here <li style="width:300px; height:135px; padding:0px ;border: none;"><a href="#" ><img src="images/logo1.png"> </a></li> overrides the height you specified in the rest of the CSS code, change height to 110px
  12. You can export the data from your MySQL table but you'll have to change your file extension to .php (like portfolio.php)
  13. Can't you cut the keyhole from the background image and add it like the way know ? (position it there and make it a link)
  14. Luckily or not we are able to read all of your replies and make our own conclusions. We don't have to believe anything, just read the topics. The Pythagorean theorem is not a must for web development (unless you are making games) but it is basic trigonometry, i am surprised you never heard of it. But we are not here to judge your knowledge about mathematics. I think you have to realize that Boen is here to help you learn, even if you don't like his methods. The fact that someone offered to do what he does with you, should be considered a privilege and you should take advantage of it.
  15. Just to let you know, Youtube allows you to set custom dimensions when embeding videos.
  16. There was a couple of friends that were offline, i punched them in the face so 100% of the world population is now watching.
  17. SPOILER ALERT: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PROGRAMMING AND WILL PROBABLY BE CONSIDER A STUPID REPLY BY CERTAIN PEOPLE I hate commenting in such topics but some times i can't watch things going on and not participating. Eduard, you are trying to use PHP and JavaScript in your website, yet you lack basic knowledge of HTML. You want to make money out of your websites, you don't expect to do that only by making one website right? You should read the tutorials in w3schools in an order. If you keep coming back to us and asking questions for such basic things as HTML validation, you will NEVER learn. I am pretty sure if you start making a website right now you'll even forget the basic structure tags. I am not saying this in a bad way, i know you'll probably ignore me but we are trying to help.
  18. Members don't have the option to lock topics. I believe mods prefer to leave them open in case someone else wants to add something - as part of the solution or the problem.
  19. What does this have to do with programming?
  20. If your top and bottom background images contain just a plain colour, i'd suggest using divs for those fields and setting it's background colour to the one you want to use. Images will add unnecesarry load time to your website. You can use the z-index property to set which element will appear in front/back of the other and use margin to set their position on the page. If you need more details let us know.
  21. Start fixing your problems by validating your code http://validator.w3.org/ . For starters you are missing a doctype
  22. Youtube has an embed video option. Under each video there is a Share -> Embed button
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