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  1. Ok. Found the issue! (Where's the red-faced Smilie Guy!?!) Somehow I dyslexic-ed out and typed "img scr" instead of "img src!" Live and learn, I say!Thanks anyway, all!
  2. Thanks, scott100! I do appreciate your response. [smile]
  3. I'm a newbie at CSS, so bear with me... [grin]I have a website that I hadn't really had access to since 2000. It was mostly written in the free HTML editor (PageMill based, I believe) that came with Netscape back in, oh... 1998-1999ish. Some of it I wrote in Notepad because I saw the HTML from that editor was about as inelegant a coding job as I could imagine!Anyway, I finally have internet access that isn't someone else's or the library's. I took all my old files and began to update them, thinking that I would try CSS. I did my index.htm file with the styles defined within the <head&
  4. I have been cruising around, looking at XHTML stuff and keep running into mentions of "deprecated" tags. I was looking for a way to put a border around an image (for example) and was told that the "border" tag had been deprecated in XHTML... I know in the Strict DTD, I can't use the "border" tag - but I have no idea how I would do borders. Is it that one CAN'T put borders around images in Strict DTD? Or is it that there is some other way?My suggestion is that when you mention something has been deprecated, you also either explain that the function is not available in some arenas, or descri
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