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  1. kiqr

    horizonal spacing

    how do i create space between images in the same row within the same column lyk say i got <tr><td><img 1>.....this is whr i want space then <img 2>,i kno of <br> but then that gives vertical spacing so pliz if u kno the code ...safe
  2. kiqr

    java script

    whr do u wanna slid ur images?dude, we nid mor challengin qstns not this peanuts tht u askin abou
  3. kiqr

    whr do i find chat

    hey ppl. was wondering,is there no caht for w3schools,i kinna nid 2 ask somthin that needs to be answered ryt away?or if anyone knows any chat name where people talk about programming or technology in general pliz help
  4. Buti! arent u somwhr in Botswana,i really would love to be friends with u especially that i think u doing a course CSI315 huh! lol
  5. kiqr

    vertical line

    can anyone help me with the code for making a horizontal line in an html document, im kool with the <hr> one for horizontal line but thts not what i want now, anyone?chao
  6. hi ppl.i nid some help with my project here,i've been asked to design a website of 10pages in asp then connect it to a database in Access from which the website should retrieve searched items. I have already done the webpages and the database but i have no idea how to implement the serch and retrieve merchanism so plz anyone whos got the expertise, it'd be a big relieve to me.oh one last thing,how do i make images slide one after the other in an HTML webpage,say in the case of a gallery and i want to make images slide in one after the other.oh text too,how do i make text slide upwards after say 10 seconds,if i have 3 statements and i want em to slide one after the other.
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