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  1. HiI am building an asp.net application where I want to to store the following details of the logged in user:1) SSN number and the list of aspx pages that the user can view.I would like to know the ideal option for storing the user info.So should I stick to the Session option or using Profile would be a better option ?
  2. I want to like to know which is a better option in terms of performance and standard wise.I need to display html file contents in my aspx pages.Should I stick to Iframe approach or whether using WebClient class of asp.net would be a better option ?
  3. Are value types like structure get serialized when stored in session INPROC mode ?
  4. Hi,I want to know whether storing a collection of structure instance would be better (in terms of performance) than storing a collection of class instance in Session.I am using the InProc mode.
  5. siri

    Namespace Problem

    Hi,I having a namepsace in the App_Code file as follows:Namespace MyDataPublic clas ABCEnd ClassEnd NamespaceWhen I try to use this class in the aspx page, I imported the namespace in the code-behind asImports MyDataNow say in the page load event I try to create the object of the class I am not getting the class name directlyInstead the intellisense displays the Namespace MYData i.e I am able to create the object in the following manner:***********************************************Imports MyDatasub Page_Loaddim obj as new mydata.ABC ' Instead of this I want to do in the following mannerdim
  6. Hi Guys,I am having a textbox and a radio button. I have applied a rangevalidator for textbox so that a users enters a value withing a given range.The radio button options are yes and no.When I select the no option the value of the textbox should be reset and now if I click on the submit button it should not do any validation.How do I implement this with the asp.net validation controls
  7. Hi ,I am getting following error :"ObjectDataSource 'o1' could not find a non-generic method 'getrecord' that has parameterswhen using the objectdatasource control. Here is the code.**************************************************************<asp:GridView ID = "g1" DataKeyNames = "empid" AutoGenerateSelectButton="true" DataSourceID="a1" runat = "server" /> <asp:GridView ID = "g3" DataKeyNames = "empid" DataSourceID = "o1" runat = "server" /> <asp:AccessDataSource ID = "a1" runat = "server" DataFile = "~/App_Data/db1.mdb" SelectCommand = "select * from empl
  8. i am creating a custom template control. But the problem is that I am not able to maintain the viewstate of the custom template control.How do i maintain the viewstate of the template items.Here is the code snippet:**********************************************Imports SystemImports System.WebImports System.Web.UINamespace myControlsPublic Class TemplateItemInherits ControlImplements INamingContainer Private _dataItem As String Public Sub New( DataItem As String ) _dataItem = DataItem End Sub Public Property DataItem As String Get Return _dataItem End Get Set _dataItem
  9. Hi Guys,Thanks for the reply.The captions table has around 400 records & I am using Access database , So would it advisable to cache this much amount of data.If I don't take caching into consideration, then would it better to use Localization or still use the database.
  10. I want to set the captions of the label controls based on the language that the user selects.I would like to know whether one should use database to store the captions or creating a resource file for the same would be a better option ?
  11. hi,How can i hide the overflow of table contents inside span.Here is the code snippet:*************************************<span id='d0'><table><tr><td class='left'> </td><td class='middle'>fggfb<td><td class = 'middle'>$8,738.00</td><td class = 'middle'>$7,663.00</td><td class = 'middle'>$8,727.00</td><td class='right'> </td></tr><tr><td class='left'> </td><td class='middle'>sf</td><td class = 'middle'>$8,738.00</td><td class = 'middle'>$7,663.00<
  12. in netscape i tried to set the div tag height:100%;but it doesn't work.So how can I get the height in netscape when vertical scrollbars are displayed in javascript.
  13. hi,I want to know how I can update database without postback and update panel control.
  14. I am not able to hide the div tag . This problem occurs in IE. I have used a png file as a background for my div tag.Here is the code snippet:******************************************<script type = "text/javascript">var ie = document.all ? true : false;var flag = true;function init(){if(!ie){document.getElementById("overlay").style.backgroundImage = "url(bg1.png)";}else{document.getElementById("overlay").style.filter = "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='bg1.png', sizingMethod='scale')";}}function show(item){document.getElementById(item).style.visibility="visible";d
  15. Hi,Here is the code I tried for dragging the element inside the div tag. But the code doesn't seems to work in mozilla and netscape.It works fine in IE.Can anyone kindly let me know where exactly things are going wrong ?Code:**************************************************************** <script type ="text/javascript"> var ie =false; var mousex; var tempx; var temp; function init() { if(document.addEventListener) { document.getElementById("i1").addEventListener("mousedown",display,true); } else { ie=true; } } function display(e) { m
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