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    Download buttons

    hi all , i thought it was strange, but it simply took awhile for my server to update ... so i did actually know what i was doing cheers anyway
  2. bfehler

    Download buttons

    Hi there . here is another question. Thanks for all the patience.I have a button. now i have a .doc or .pdf in my folder online. I want to point the button to download that file. I have used the getURL command but now that ive upgraded my ie it doesnt seem to work... any ideas anyone. or is the code available for the button ?cheers
  3. bfehler

    Flash 8 web help

    Hi there. I am currently building websites intirely in flash and am building buttons in the traditional ways. What I would like some help on is firtly with buttons , does anyone know how to create a button by not creating a button symbol, but rather a movie clip symbol ? I have seen it done and have noticed how much more can be done with a button made in this way.secondly this has been asked many times , but i cant find it. the little logo that apears next to your domain in the address bar of your internet explorer... how do i code that in or set it up ?and last but not least. has anyone found
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