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  1. Hi, I need to generate a XSD from XML DataFile. My Data looks like<DOCUMENTS><DOCUMENT><T1>TEST1</T1><T2>TEST2</T2><T3>TEST3</T3><T4>TEST4</T4></DOCUMENT></DOCUMENTS> I am trying to generate a XSD where I don't want to specify about the elements other than T1 and T4.I need only to verify if T1 and T4 exists and the schema validation should fail if any of them does not exist. Because the data file may change tomorrow and I can add a new element <T5></T5> and I don't want to update the XSD. And also the elements can occur in any order. The elements T1 and T4 should occur only once and they are mandatory. I am trying to use <xs:any> attribute, but I am not able to use it along with <xs:choice>.. Any help is apprieciated.
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