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    Does anyone know how I can plug in 01/31/2006 into datepart below:Select RTRIM(CONVERT(Char(01),DATEPART(month,GETDATE())))+"/"+RTRIM(CONVERT(Char(01,)DATEPART(day,GETDATE())))+"/"+RTRIM(CONVERT(Char(2006),DATEPART(year,GETDATE())))
  2. I am researching on how to eliminate duplicate records entering into our database and would appreciate any input. If anyone has a strategy in place that works for them, I'd also love to know about it too.Data entry into our database is done via:1. Web users - by registering and creating their own user Id and Password (email is their userID) This data updates the persons, web user and company tables automatically.2. Manual Data entry from paper3. Imports from our List Vendors.4. Company recordScenario (a) If a person from (1) above changes companies, their email addresses changes and instead
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