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  1. Just make it sure that your html file and image is on a one folder(as a beginner), but if you know the exact path of the image then put it on the src.
  2. Hi Lucy, Good day., Kindly look at these... http://www.the-art-of-web.com/javascript/search-highlight/I hope that it will help you a lot. Thank you...
  3. No offense meant, but I hope you could create a better website layout, navigation bar, color combination and a logo. Perhaps, the design should be more of a corporate type website since they are offering flooring service to their clients.
  4. no offense meant, but seriously your website looks so outdated with the design, I must agree with all the comments here. I guess you should listen with what most people are saying about your website. With the kind of technology we have nowadays, it is really important that you develop a website with a compelling design because website is our medium of communication to connect to our clients. Gone are the days of static and very basic design of a website with limited or no functionality at all. Just like any communication tools, websites should also change because our technology is progessing. I guess, you should start looking for design inspirations to fuel up your creativity so that you can create a better design than this.
  5. Hi Homegear,to be honest, the background, the color combination, the design and the layout are really awful. I gues you should remove the "circle background picture" and change it into black background instead. The solid purple color is really inappropriate with a circle background. if you really want to use the black and purple combination, I suggest that you should check some purple and black images on google to give you some insights how it's properly fused, you may refer to this link :http://www.google.com.ph/search?q=purple+and+black&hl=tl&prmd=imvns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=Ah9CT7-sBJCTiAfGrpjGBA&ved=0CEsQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=863 Also, your website looks like a static site, I think you should add some functionality so that your site will become more interactive and dynamic and you may also want to rearrange the layout of your website. Good luck to your endeavor. Thank you.
  6. Hi,I've checked your website. Well in my point of view, the design of your website is very simple. The color combination is too dull, I suggest that you add some bright color to make the design of your website more interesting to look at. Also, since your products are more on minerals and the likes, it should be better if your website has a 3d effects. You may also want to add additional interactive function like slideshow. And the last thing that I've noticed is that the social media buttons are not properly aligned or maybe it's only because of my internet connection, anyway, you may want to check it also. thanks
  7. Hi allen,your website is very simple. I like the color combination- red, white and black. But I must agree with Boe_robot, the design is too simple, it bores me already. Perhaps a slideshow of your portforlio in the toppage would add some life to your website. And may I also suggest that you put some information about youself or about your business.
  8. Your blog is informative, but I suggest that you remove the "Can you speak english?" pop-up advertisement because it's really annoying. Your visitors will surely leave your blog as soon as the pop-up advertisement pops-up
  9. is this really your account? Coz I find it really odd to ask for hackers to hack your account... In this link http://sysmaster.com/products/set_top_box_m55_sdk.php there's a "Contact Us" link on the footer. And they also have a live chat, for sure they will provide you your forgotten password if you will give them the correct information about your account...
  10. Agree. You have to make a lot of efforts before google can index your site. continous SEO campaign like link building, article marketing, forum marketing and the use of social media. after a few months your page will be indexed by Google. We've been there and I must say that it's worth it.
  11. Apply the H.E.A.R.T Rule (honest, exclusive, accurate, and timely)HONESTDon't use SEO dirty tricks, instead use an honest SEO tricks such as White hat.EXCLUSIVEAvoid duplicate contents.ACCURATEmake sure that you are not submitting broken links for link building.RELEVANT use relevant Keywords and key phrases that your target users are most likely to be using. TIMELYUse social media such as facebook, google +, twitter, youtube etc.
  12. Hello fellows!Can you suggest some useful tools that I can use for website testing? Or is there any tool I can use to create test cases?Your help will be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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