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  1. yeah went with the old fashioned waynext prob: the image in each table cell is a link, but when clicked it resizes the cell, how can i fix the size?
  2. my next questionis: is there an alternative to image maps? this is because it is hard to usea rollover image in conjuction with an image map.
  3. thanx dude, have gone with html
  4. Just a quick question - in your opinions, what is better - a html image map or an image map made with css?
  5. yeah, you presumed correctly dude, i have only touched on php, am only proficient in the basic html/xhtml/css and some javascript
  6. ok, i gues a portal is the best bet. thing is, will it limit the website look to the style of said portal, or will i have complete control over it?
  7. How hard is it to set up a site that allows news articles shown on the homepage similar to forum posts? and will this limit the design of the site?
  8. cheers. tbh after asking around, it doesnt seem feesible anyway, thanks for the reply.
  9. This is my idea: in order to make an updates page for my website,i figured i could make each update in a div container, and make the ID a number (1, 2 , 3 etc) and the, instead of just listing the contents of each container in the order written, the page will order them, with the highest number first. i'm assuming this would be done with javascript, and if so i'm sorry for using the wrong forum, i just wanted to check if it could be done in html. thanks for your time
  10. yeah sure (btw i have tried line spacing, but it didnt work ):HTML: CSS:
  11. how can i close the gap between a header (with a coloured background btw) and a table ( with only the right and left borders showing). a crappy example of the prob:
  12. was just wondering - is there any way to fix the dimensions of a div container so they do not move - even if an image with a larger width or height is placed in it?
  13. cheers dude, will have a little crack at it....
  14. that is ok, but with an abosolute width the containers may not line up with my title bar and will look off center in different resolutions surely?
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