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  1. I can't figure this out. It tells me "Man" and "Vrouw" are not declared but those are the values from the ComboBox1. I have searched the internet looking for the answer but I can't find it anywhere. Sure there should be more easy way's for the entire thing but I am still in the beginningstage of learning. So if possible build on from this and hopefully some one is able of telling me what is wrong. Public Class Form1 Private Sub ComboBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ComboBox1.SelectedIndexChanged End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click Dim leeftijd, lengte, gewicht, AL, BMR, BMR1, BMR2, BMR3, BMR4, BMR5, BMR6, onderhoud, eiwitten As Integer Dim geslacht As String geslacht = ComboBox1.Text lengte = TextBox1.Text gewicht = TextBox2.Text AL = ComboBox2.Text leeftijd = TextBox6.Text BMR1 = gewicht * 13.7 BMR2 = lengte * 5 BMR3 = leeftijd * 6.8 BMR4 = gewicht * 9.6 BMR5 = lengte * 1.8 BMR6 = leeftijd * 4.7 If geslacht = Man Then BMR = 66 + BMR1 + BMR2 + BMR3 ElseIf geslacht = Vrouw Then BMR = 655 + BMR4 + BMR5 + BMR6 Else MsgBox("Geen ingave geslacht.") End If TextBox3.Text = BMR End SubEnd Class
  2. Maby this will help http://drupal.org/node/129982
  3. Read the CSS tutorial on www.w3schools.com
  4. Why the need to double post?
  5. Nice one bitching on people that where trying to help you.
  6. So is it like in (x)html.include("../header.php"); and. include("folder_name/header.php");
  7. No, it wouldn't even mind if you used 10 <h1> tags as long as you use them in the right way.opening tag <h1>text</h1>closing tag
  8. Thanks.I am thinking of writing some xhtml/PHP script that people could use to create CSS for tables ore backgroundimages based on some tutorial I found in a book to practise a bit.Would it be usefull to post those files on the forum for people to use and if yes in what section?
  9. You mean when you add values to h1 in the CSS if they will also apply to h2?
  10. Is it possible to get the xhtml inside a PHP file to be validated ore is there no use in this?
  11. Do you mean each needs to have a own profile stored in a database or that there is one general account that could be used by everyone?
  12. Never used it, think I'll just stick to Notepad++.
  13. When I include a file from a different folder using the include function how do I link to it. Do I need to use the full www adres?
  14. Don't you mean a form?Look into PHP.
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