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    install IIS

    I installed IIS. Thank you for your helps!
  2. donaldunca


    I research about multimedia, sound transmission between 2 PC. I want some documentation about jrtplib, because I don't understand jrtplib library use for. Thank for advanced!
  3. donaldunca

    install IIS

    Firstly, I insert the Windows XP Professional CD-Rom into your CD-Rom Drive. I followed instruction but IIS didn't install.I can't find Inetpub folder in drive C. Please help me!
  4. donaldunca

    install IIS

    Maybe I have some mistakes. It really needs to insert the Windows XP Professional?
  5. donaldunca

    install IIS

    I can't install IIS although I followed instruction:Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components ->Choose:Internet Explorer and Internet Information ServiceBut IIS didn't installPlease help me.Thanks!
  6. Thank for your help. I can run my programHave good day to you!!
  7. I'm using Firefox, Opera, sometimes I use IE browser.But I can't run my program with any browser
  8. I'm using Windows but it doesn't run. I try to run some examples in w3shools but it didn't appear the result.Could you help me?
  9. I want to study VBScript but I don't know how to install VBScript.Thank for advance
  10. I will think about your saying. Thank for your helps
  11. I have some problem to understand code in javascript. I don't understand some code: event.cancelBubble=true; function ItemMinimize(Name) {var MItem=document.all(''.concat(Name)); //MItem=eval(MItem);if (MItem.style.display==''){MItem.style.display='none';} else {MItem.style.display='';} } It has some difference between Firefox and Opera. I run a webpage by Firefox, it will have different result in Opera.Could you help me? Thank for advanced.
  12. I see my mistake, so thank you very much. I still have a problem. I add Explain function like this: ........function Explain(){ var obj=document.getElementById("gt"); obj.style.display="block";}</script></head><body><p id="nd" onclick="take();">Take this line</p><div id="fu" onclick="Explain();" onmouseover="see(1);" onmouseout="see(2);"><div id="gt"><p>explain</p></div></div></body></html> But when I click, it didn't appear. I don't know why
  13. My teacher gives code. But I change it so it can't run like the beginning. Fistly, webpage have a paragraph. When I click it, it will appear a paragraph like the first paragraph but not same color and background color. For example:my paragraph: take this linewhen I click above paragraph, it will appear a paragraph with green background color and white text. If I drag the mouse over, the paragraph will change text color and background color. This is the code: <style>body{margin:5 10 10 70; font: normal 15pt "Times New Roman"; color:navy}div{border:solid 1px cyan; background-color:green; color: white; font: bold 20pt Arial; display:none; width: 650; padding: 10 10 10 10; text-align:center}.note{border:solid 1px cyan; background-color:navy; color: lime; font: bold 18pt Arial; display:none; width: 650; padding: 10 10 10 10;}xmp{font: bold 20pt 'Courier New'; color navy}</style><script language=javascript>function take(){ var obj=document.getElementById("nd"); var objr=document.getElementById("fu"); objr.style.display="block";// I don't understand this line if(document.all) objr.innerText=obj.innerText; else objr.innerHTML=obj.innerHTML;}function see(colo){ var obj=document.getElementById("fu"); switch(colo) { case 1: obj.style.backgroundColor="navy"; obj.style.color="yellow"; break; case 2: obj.style.backgroundColor="green"; obj.style.color="white"; break; }}</script></head><body><p id="nd" onclick="take();">Take this line</p><div id="fu" onclick="Explain();" omouseover="see(1);" onmouseout="see(2);"></div></body></html> Hope you understand. Thank you!!
  14. Thank for your reply. I understand your answer
  15. I have studied javascript a bit. I have some problem to understand this code var vID="";[color="#FF0000"]var sp=" ";[/color]// why does sp declare like it?for(var i=0; i<5; i++){ vID="i"+i;// I think that it should be vID= i document.write("<tr>"); document.write("<td width= 10% align=center class=ht>"); document.write((i+1)); document.write("</td>"); // I don't understand meaning of class document.write("<td width= 20% [color="#FF0000"] class[/color]=ht>"); document.write("<input type=text id='" +vID+"' name='Diem' size=4> [color="#FF0000"]class[/color]=ip>"); document.write("</td>"); document.write("</tr>"); document.write("<tr><td colspan=4 align=right style='padding: 8 8 8 8'>") document.write("<input type=submit value='Goi di'>"); document.write(sp+"<input type=reset value='Lam lai'></td></tr>"); document.write("</table></form>");}} This's something I have been asking myseft. Could you help me? Have good day to you!!
  16. I want to create table "RESULT". This is my code: CREATE TABLE RESULT( IDstudent INTEGER(4), IDsubject CHAR(6), mark INTEGER) mark is number from 0 to 9, how can I change?maybe mark BETWEEN 0 AND 10 ?My English is not good. Hope you understandThanks!
  17. I'm completely new to computer could you help me with this question " How can I download something ? "thank you !!!sorry about my little English
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