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  1. Hello, i'm wondering what could be wrong when i add lightbox plugin to my website. On this code below /* Preload images */body:after {content:url(../img/close.png) url(../img/loading.gif) url(../img/prev.png) url(../img/next.png); display: none;} It will give error "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token { " which refers to body:after { part.
  2. Add this code to .video-responsive margin:0 auto;
  3. There might be some missing quote or something similar in your code. Re-check the code. <input type="checkbox" name="category[]" value="category_1"> Category 1<input type="checkbox" name="category[]" value="category_2"> Category 2<input type="checkbox" name="category[]" value="category_3"> Category 3<input type="checkbox" name="category[]" value="category_4"> Category 4 ^Works fine
  4. Well there is + & - at hosting files at your site.+The file wont get removed any time soon+The load time rely on your server bandwidth. -If the .js code is hosted at Google for example, many users wont have to reload it. (Basically loads the file from cache if it has been loaded somewhere else)-More bandwidth usage on your server. I guess these are things i know.
  5. Hmm strange issue, reported to Chrome development team. Site displays the header perfectly on IE tho. Just noticed this happens only when refreshed with (F5) but doesnt when you hit enter @url.
  6. Its bug on the Chrome browser. This doesn't happen everywhere so i have no clue what the problem is. The font is pasted inside <head> tags. Versio 36.0.1985.125 m
  7. Hello, i'm using 'Hanalei Fill' from google font page. http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Hanalei+Fill Having issue on page load the font is invisible, but after modified with Chrome inspect element "z-index", "font-size" or such properties the font becomes visible. (Check 2 attachments)
  8. I didin't want session to be destroyed, but i noticed the error somewhere else. Thx for your time tho !
  9. Fixed error, what a mess
  10. Hello, i'm wondering is it possible to unset session before any JavaScript code starts running?
  11. Thanks, the iframe works flawlessly.
  12. Works like charm, thx.
  13. Hello, i'm wondering how to align IE text in middle of div. (Chrome works like charm) Chrome IE All you might need to know i have height: 19px;display: inline-block;vertical-align:middle;
  14. Mudsaf

    inputs width

    you can use <input type="text" size="55"> or <input type="text" style="width:200px;">
  15. Hello, i'm wondering how to force full website in box like 600x600px. So basically i use file_get_contents method and i don't want to mess my website layout.
  16. Ah fixed, added if session exist & pasted the jQuery after the check <?phpif (isset($_SESSION['<session'])) {unset($_SESSION['<session']);?>$.get('<mypage.php>', function(data) { }); //Blablabla<?php} else {?>$.get('<mypage.php>', function(data) { }); //Blablabla<?php}?>
  17. I kind a need the sessions afterwards. Isn't $(function()) {}); doing it already?
  18. Works fine for Chrome Versio 32.0.1700.107 m Try clear your website cache & cookies & retry.
  19. [*]<script>document.getElementById('editor1').defaultValue="<?php echo $string ?>";</script> echo is missing ; <?php echo $string; ?>
  20. Mudsaf

    login script

    if(isset($username)) <-- you havent created this variable before & it doesn't exist Do this instead if(isset($_SESSION['username'])) {
  21. Hello, i'm wondering how my jQuery loads faster than my php-script and how to prevent that kind of action. At jQuery i'm using function. $(function() {//Document ready}); At my page i have this session unset script if (isset($_SESSION['<session>'])) {unset($_SESSION['<session>']);} And below it $(function() {$.get('<mypage.php>', function(data) {//Blablabla});}); Most of times the session displays non-exist but sometimes it exists <mypage.php> if (isset($_SESSION['<session>'])) {echo "Positive"; //This happens like 1-12 refreshes} else {echo "Negative"; //
  22. Hello, i'm wondering how to install Apache2 with PHP inside. So far i've downloaded dozens of apache servers and php servers and always getting the the error below. LoadModule php5_module "c:/php/php5apache2.dll" not found (or something very similar) Does certain Apache server version require certain PHP version? I'm pointing out the correct directory and its still telling that its wrong folder. Last time i tried these files.httpd-2.0.65-win32-x86-no_ssl.msiphp-5.3.28-nts-Win32-VC9-x86.msi And received same results. Modified php.ini to point out the extensions folder, added these line
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