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  1. Snubby

    iframe scrollbar

    Perfect! Much love.
  2. Snubby

    include google Adsense

    a unique view. every unique vistor that sees at most one add.
  3. I've got a google add on a page that I use the PHP include function on to include it all over my site, but does that count as a new page impression per page, or is it just one?
  4. Snubby

    Gradient Bg

    Amazing. Thanks, man!
  5. on denvish.net he didn't disable it but its in a weird foreign code.
  6. Snubby

    iframe scrollbar

    This is a small page but it has a horizontal scroll bar. How can I avoid this?
  7. Snubby

    Gradient Bg

    How can I make the bg of a page or table a gradient? Sorry if this is CSS, I wasn't sure.
  8. How do I make an iframe's scrollbar just vertical?
  9. How can I check the length of an array? In ActionScript I'd go, my_array.length; but that doesn't work in PHP. Help?
  10. Snubby

    Modifying Pages

    Cool, thanks for all the help guys. I'm going to learn about databases.
  11. Snubby

    Modifying Pages

    for some reason file_put_contents () function doesn't work for me, it says it doesn't recognize the function. How do I add/write information to a file?
  12. Snubby

    Modifying Pages

    So, I'd have to make a form modify a .txt file, and then 'require' that file? I'll try it, thanks To justsomeguy, I've only worked with files, not databases.
  13. Snubby

    Modifying Pages

    I'm not sure if I am a complete noob, or if this isn't PHP, but how can I permanently change a page without having to moderate the HTML from a form.For eg. I want to program a news system for the relaunch of my site, so I would have a hidden URL that I could have a form on, like, 'Title, Date, Information' and then when I submit it the page would from that point on include that information on the news page.I know how to submit things and use get and post, and I know how to open files, but I can't figure out how to do this from that knowledge. Help, please!
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