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  1. I need to create an animation in flash at 16:9 widescreen aspect. I'll be using primarily vector art (some of it made in Adobe Illustrator and imported). I'll be aniating using movie clips, actionscript and the like.But, I ultimately want to export the final movie as DVCProHD 720p out of Final Cut Studio 2.0. If I can't do that, something else 720p will work.The client will accept standard def over hi-def, but the latter is prefered.So, anyone got hints, tips or comments for me on the best way to pull this off? Will Flash properly export a video I can put into Final Cut?BTW, I'm working in Flash CS3 and Illustrator CS3.
  2. It's just stopi got it. thanks a ton. Its working now.
  3. So.. that's an actionscript command, no? What exactly is the "stop function"?
  4. Yes, please view the source at www.sharekalamazoo.com (index.html)
  5. I'm working with a flash file that uses Actionscript 3.0.I have an MP3 file that begins playing on frame 1 and I need it to stop on frame 630. I inserted the mp3 by dragging it from the librasry to its own layer. I just dropped it on the timeline.Can anyone help me do this? Does it need to be done with actionscript or is there something in the command dialogue box or somewhere else? As it is now, the audio just loops...
  6. The Flash banner at the top of sharekalamazoo.com just won't load in IE7. It's there in safari, Firefox, IE6, Etc.Any ideas?
  7. At sharekalamazoo.com I've got various flash elements. Some of them work in IE, some don't. The top banner, for instance isn't working.NNow, all these Flash elements are working in Firefox, Safari and IE:Mac.Can anyone identify what the problem might be? i also need a SOLID workaround for the IE "click to activate" issue. I tried one but had no luck with it...
  8. MMy director's always giving me stuff in word or Quark. then I gotta paste it in J-edit or something and reformat it with <p> tags and such. Anybody got a quick work around for this? preferably something where my director can just typpe it in and i can grab a coded version like on a blog?
  9. EXCELLENT, yep that done it. Thanks!Now, just need to figger out the click to activate script workaround for IE.You got clean code sitting around for that? i wasn't able to make any work. But, I'll look again.
  10. Thanks, but that did not help. Any more ideas?
  11. Weird, I'm working on a site at www.sharekalamazoo.com.In Firefox, this baby is gold.But, i had issues with the flash objects when I tried to put in a javascript fix in for IE (so, there won't need to be a click-activation in the latest IE version).Plus, in Safari, the objects are rendering at like 10%Anybody care to glimpse the code and see if I'm doing something wrong?Thank you!
  12. The site is at borgessrun.comThey click on "run camp" at the top of the left-hand nav and get an old, blue and white version with bad dates.I don't know about the CTRL+F5...It's sorta moot because people community-wide aren't going to know to do that. i just need them to get the new info when they get there.
  13. I'm redesigning a site. old site was upf ro a long time and used some flash elements. Now, people are coming to get new data and new dates buut they're getting the old code, even after clearing cache in IE and refreshing. it's taking quite a bit of effort to get the latest pages.How should i resolve this?Thanks.
  14. Well, it works now. Too good, in fact. Sometimes sends uot several emails, instead of just one.Here's the full PHP. Problem must be in the headers... <?php$to = $_POST['recipientmail'];// subject$subject = 'A postcard for you from Share Kalamazoo';// message$message = '<html><head> <title>Your electronic postcard from sharekalamazoo(dot)com</title></head><body> <p>A postcard awaits you at sharekalamazoo.com!</p> <p>To view your postcard <a href="http://www.sharekalamazoo.com">click here</a>. Or, copy and paste the URL below into your web browser.</p> <p>http://www.sharekalamazoo.com</p> </body></html>';// To send HTML mail, the Content-type header must be set$headers = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n";$headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "\r\n";// Additional headers$headers .= "To: {$_POST['recipientmail']}\r\n";$headers .= "From: {$_POST['sendermail']}\r\n";$headers .= 'Cc: chadl@lamcreative.com';header( 'Location: [url="http://www.sharekalamazoo.com/postcardconfirm'"]http://www.sharekalamazoo.com/postcardconfirm'[/url] ) ;// Mail itmail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);?>
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