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  1. <?php$contents = '';$handle = fopen("http://r6vegas.eu.xbox360.gamebattles.com/stats/868.htm","r");$Content = fread($handle, 1000 * 1000);$Content = str_replace(" " , "_" , $Content);echo strip_tags(substr($Content, 3000 , 3010 ));?> This is supposed to access the site mentioned and then store the code. It is then replaces all spaces with "_" and strips the html tag before searching for a specific character and echoing it. It not working too bad, except for I don't seem to be able to get it to echo any part of the string about about the 2600th character, it just returns black space? Any
  2. I just tried it in IE and the status bar showed done, it only seems to happen in Firefox, possibly a FF bug?You should take a look at pre-loading though, it's really simple and helpful.http://www.learn009.com/videos/flash8websites/22.html
  3. I could see it.It doesn't look to me like your using a preloader (maybe I'm wrong).If your not them the status bar message is probably because it is still loading some parts of the movie?Just a guess.
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    Lets say I have two variables: $var1 = 4;$var2 = 9; If I add them together: $var1+$var2=$var3; And output them: echo $var2; I get 49.......How would I make it actually adds the values (=13)?
  5. Thanks a lot, I'll start decoding and adapting it in a bit.I'm curious how you manged to get the script, what are your "resources"?
  6. With a little help from JavaScript.All is explained here.
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    Do you want the Movie Clip the script is on to go to the 2nd frame, or the main time line?If the answear is the main timeline, the you need to change: gotoAndPlay(2);to:_root.gotoAndPlay(2);
  8. Hi,I have a basic knowledge of PHP (very basic actually, still learning) but I am curious how to load data from another site using it.Example: This page loads the amount of players on a server, located here (Once the page loads click "play RuneScape existing user" and then click "low detail" you will then see the server list). Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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    I am trying to figure out how to display an alert box when the user presses the "h" key? Can anybody help me out?
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    flash help

    Thats a little hard to understand sorry?
  11. <IFRAME SRC="" width=772 height=630 name="worldframe" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></IFRAME> How would I go about updating that once an option has been selected from a drop down list?For instance when the user selects "w3 schools" from a drop down list, the iframe updates to show the W3Schools homepage. However, if the user clicks "w3schools forums" the iframe updates with to show these forums?Any help is greatly appreciate, thanks.
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