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  1. I am new to this. I am working on a project for my small company.The project is printable contracts. So far I have used PHP and Mysql to collect the data and then put in into a html page for out put (print). I am trying to us CSS to format the pages for print and have a few snags. For the most part it looks good. Except some of the browers are ignoring my page breaks. Any Idea why? Is there a better way? <div style="page-break-after:always"></div> Is there a way to set margins? I've only begun to learn CSS, PHP and Mysql, so if there is a bettter way to do what i want please tell m
  2. Thanks for the input, somthing must have happened with the cut/past. Theextra stuff in the code is not there in my "origional".Should look like this:$boss_email = 'boss@mycompany.com';//show me the errors Didn't think about the error message, i'm just use to it being there from my other pages, I'll work it in thanks. What else have I missed? Thanks so much for the help so far
  3. I am new to PHP and really enjoying learning it. I am stuck on a key part of my project for my small company. I am trying to learn how the IPN Listener for Paypal works. They provided an example in PHP. So I figured i'd modify it to send me an email when a person does a "normal" purchase. After I got that working I'd take that and work it into the project. I got a responce from the IPN Listnener when I had a typo in the url to send info back to Paypal for varification, but once I fixed that I have got nothing. I am sure I am making a lot of Noobie mistakes in it, please help me learn. I've bee
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