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  1. I am not sure if you read my post but I corrected that already: meaning I understand attributes are meta information and not content. Seeing I have this insight, I don't understand why you replied about that.
  2. Hello everyone In the first bullet point of the chapter summary on HTML attributes (bottom of the page) it is stated: "All HTML elements can have attributes". Am I misunderstanding that by thinking empty elements can also have attributes? I tried to verify this by writing: (XHTML) <br title="test"/>or<br title="test"></br> or (standard HTML) <br title="test"> only to watch it not work as per my expectation because no tooltip is shown, however I hover over the document (code author: Mrw3c). Last I checked on the section about HTML elements, it does not s
  3. uw3c

    XML data representation

    But if you take information and you represent it by giving it a structure, that structure conveys new information to the brain. As the psychology of gestalt (confere: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestalt_psychology) postulates, the brain sees everything in entities and not in seperate pieces. Structuring information is ultimately representing it. Well, that's what XML does, yes. I disagree that XML does not turn anything into information because our brain associates e.g. <age>26</age> 'age' with '26', therefore tying semantics to data. And after all, data given semantics becomes in
  4. If I take data (1,2,3,a,b,c,..) and I put it in XML form (<a>, <b>, <c>,..), does that mean that data becomes information because of XML? Does XML turn data into information by representing it in tags?I am also reading here in a slideshow: "In JDOM, every XML tree is approached as a document even though the content has nothing to do with documents". I looked up the definition of 'document' on dictionary.com and it states that a document is meant as being informative. 'informative' means 'to convey information'. Then, if the purpose of XML is to represent data into information
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