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  1. Applets run in a browser applications run on windows.
  2. I think you mean bazillion? But to make my question more simpler. I wanted to know how many functions were listed on the Function Index. (Here). =)
  3. magic24688

    I need help

    I learned HTML -> CSS -> PHP -> SQL -> JS -> BlitzBasic
  4. Gave me a 1272 count. Didn't include all functions. But its close enough.
  5. How many PHP functions are there?
  6. This is more of a question that im unsure about with Ajax and JS.Can a form be submitted to a different page then if the page its submitted to get results from the page it was submitted to back to the page without changed th page?Like:SubmitProcess Request on different website Without reloading or changing anythingShow's result (true or false)
  7. Those are usally known as a forum.. Just google it and you'll might some.
  8. I'm going to make a quick suggestion. With a new RS update getting the user's information is alot easyier now.Useing this link below you can get the users information. This should make the patterns mutch easyer.http://hiscore.runescape.com/index_lite.ws...er=YourUsernameMore information how it's used and which is which please read HEREThis can possible help you or you can use the highscore it's self. Just a quick suggestion.
  9. Do you have session_start(); in the script? This could be the problem not letting them be set.
  10. I am trying to create a person by 100x145. There are 3 parts to the picture. The head, body, and legs. I need all 3 to show different pictures like outside images (head.bmp, legs.bmp ect...). So they can be changed without changing the hole image. So I am looking for something like:-----------| Header| //head.bmp-----------|..body..| //body.bmp----------|..legs...| //legs.bmp----------Then they are combind into one.What image function's would help me make this or is there a script kinda what im looking for already.
  11. yepp, thats what I was looking for. Thanks
  12. Yea, im looking for a "php" bbcode kinda. Jsut that I can use in website not a forum.
  13. I was more looking on the lines of how to highlight PHP codes with a script. As in highlight.bg, highlight.comment, highlight.default, highlight.html, highlight.keyword, and highlight.string. I just don't know how to do it.
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