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  1. I was wondering, i've been doing some reading trying to get rid of a particularly pesky problem, im trying to have an image activate a radio button that corresponds to it, I was reading THIS URL and i was hoping someone could clarify this for me a bit, is the IMAGE the element, or is the radio button the element? could you provide an example i could expand upon, please?
  2. Hey guys, i have a very simple issue, but it's causing me a ton of trouble because it's such a small thing that no tutorials or anything have any info on it. <input name="button" type="button" onClick="newWindow('doc2.html','window2')" value="View Inventory"> <script language="JavaScript"><!--function newWindow(file,window) { msgWindow=open(file,window,'width=350,height=500'); if (msgWindow.opener == null) msgWindow.opener = self;}//--></script><br><br><br> <input name="outputField1" type="text" value=""> This windo
  3. Dan you friggin rock dude. Thanks for the help.I appreciate the help to all who did, skemcin, dan, and aspnetguy and a couple others. I have solved all of the problems I originally came here with, but i'm definitely going to stick around and help out, i've learned more in the past 3 days of Do-it-yourself-ing than i did in the 2 years of html class i took. Thanks a ton guys. Late-Calamier
  4. This is the last trouble im having. I found an alternative method for one of the tasks i was trying to solve earlier. Only it created a new task. I'm using this (Code provided by www.irt.org) : <script language="JavaScript"><!--function newWindow(file,window) { msgWindow=open(file,window,'resizable=no,width=200,height=400'); if (msgWindow.opener == null) msgWindow.opener = self;}//--></script><form name="outputForm1"><input type="button" value="Open doc2.html into window2" onClick="newWindow('doc2.html','window2')"><br><input name="outputField1"
  5. I don't even have any tables opn the page, why would I do that? I tried adding it and it didn't work, just messed the page up more.
  6. aspnetguy, I was just doing that, getting the instructions from THIS PAGE. It didn't work though. It's all pushed to the left. I still haven't set the positions to relative because when i do, it messes the page up.THIS is the website with the positions set as absoluteTHIS is the website with the positions set as relativeThanks for your help i appreciate it.....
  7. Man, I just can't get this. I tried so dang hard, maybe i'll just let it align left and get over it.
  8. I think he's looking for the formmail script, it's what im using Here let me know if thats what you're looking for
  9. hahah, skemcin to the rescue.....*waits impatiently while skemcin posts....*
  10. im not really sure how i would put them all in one div...
  11. http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=890
  12. I figured i'd post on a dif topic for this one. I'm having some trouble getting my page to center. if I just use the center tag it only moves the top section, because the rest of the pieces are on div tags. But the page needs to be centered in every resolution. Thanks for help in advance.Edit : BTW heres the site - www.rocksolidautocenter.com
  13. Awesome, i'll spend some time doing it, you guys have been a huge help!
  14. Skemcin almost hit it, sorry I havent been checking back often im a busy guy.Here is how it is supposed to work... ->Step 1 the customer picks the programStep 2 picks a car, the iframe will hold about 60 different cars (the picture and short description) with a radio button under each. Selecting a radio button for a car would then enter a form value that gets submitted after steps 3 and 4 are completed. If you go here :www.rocksolidautocenter.com/drive_edit.htmlYou can see what i have put in it's place because i couldn't get it to work. So the scenario is :The parent frame holds a form,
  15. I just found this : How would I apply this to form input?
  16. Nah, that didn't work. At first when I set the target=FrameName(main) the submit button on the bottom of the page didnt work, then i tried doin it without it and it didn't work. Is there anyway I can simply set the radio button in the frame to target the parent form? ex. <form target="MyForm" ...etc....>?
  17. I've already got the form working. It's a form that submits to an email address via a cgi script called formmail, it's pretty common. That's not really the point though... What i'm looking for is the code I would use to render form response from a frame into the actual form on the page the frame is contained in. if you look at the source from the page it should be self-explanitory.I want the radio button under the "1998 Kia Sephia" i want that radio button to enter the response into the form on the page, along with the responses from steps 1 3 and 4.
  18. Sorry if this question has been asked already, i've done quite a bit of research and found nothing. Here goes...I have a page that is just a regular page with one iframe. The one frame is simply a scrollable list of our inventory. I need my customers to be able to scroll through this list and select the car of their choice, and then have the form info, which is a radio button, displayed in the form that submits when they click the submit button at the bottom of the page. I have tried this code :<input type="radio" name="Car" value="1998 Kia Sephia M105A" target="_parent"/>This did no
  19. Just wanted to say thanks for the help guys!
  20. Paim, Could you elaborate on that a bit, im still a little bit fuzzy, or point me to a page that tells how sessions workSkemcin thanks for your concern, nothing is actually being bought on the page, all of the information is simply gathered up into a form and submitted via email to a customer service representative, and then they set up a meeting to discuss it.Thanks a ton guys!-Calamier
  21. Hey guys, i was wondering if you new a way to save form input data from page to page and then have it all submit at once. For example - I am building a site that has 4 steps, all requiring input to go to the nextstep 1 - pick something then i want them to click on "proceed to step 2" then after that etc etc step 4 comes, and it submits all the info.All help is appreciated-Calamier
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