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  1. I have a xml file that has structure as follow :<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><Questions><Level id="1"> <Question> <Id>1</Id> <Q> content of a question...</Q> <O1>..option 1 </O1> <O1>..option 2 </O1> <O1>..option 3 </O1> <O1>..option 4 </O1> <A> correct answer </A> </Question><Question> <Id>2 </Id> <Q> content of a question...</Q> <O1>..option 1 </O1> <O1>..option 2 </O1> &l
  2. Thank you .I got the new value .
  3. Thank for your response .I put databinding code like your guidance .But this time,the gridview doesn't show up .Can you give me another tutorial ?
  4. Hi all,I have a grid view control (named GridQuestion) and an xml file.I bound xml file to grid view control as follow :1.Using a dataset to read xml file.2.Assign the dataset to data source property of grid view.3.Databound.In GridVew_RowUpdating event ,I get new value that user enter : protected void GridQuestion_RowUpdating(object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e){ GridViewRow row= GridQuestion.Rows[e.RowIndex]; Textbox txtbox =(TextBox)row.FindControl("txtQuestion"); ....}but I cannot get new value user entered. txtbox.Text contains the old value before user enter.How can I get n
  5. Hi all,At runtime,I want to change image of image control when an event occur (such as user click change image button ).Thank you so much !
  6. Hi all,I want to call a webservice from HTML page using javascript.But I encountered an error:"Object doesn't support this property or method".This error is caused by init function :function Init(){ service.useService("http://localhost/CNLTHD/UniInfoLookup/Service.asmx?WSDL","GetMarksService"); }In body tag,I added :<body onload="Init();" id="service" style="behavior(url:webservice.htc)" onresult="showResult()">My webservice is written in C# ,contained in file Service.asmx Can you help me ?Thank you so much !
  7. Hi all ,Suppose I have an xml file having the struct as follow :<?xml ver="1.0" encoding...><MQA><QAs level="A"> <QA id="1"> <Q> --content of a question---</Q> <O> <a>option 1 </a> <a>option 2 </a> <a>option 3 </a> <a>option 4 </a> </O> <A> option 1</A> </QA> <QA id="2"> .... </QA>...<QAs level="B">...</QAs></MQA>With a given key word ,I want to find out what what QA tag has this key
  8. Hi all,I'm new in Regular Expression .I want to check if a date string having format dd/mm/yyyy is valid .What expression can I use ?Thank you so much !
  9. Hi all,I need some audio file about gold dragon on TV or audio file that indicate when user win or lost ?Thanks you very much !
  10. In .NET 2005 ,I create a new website .But it doesn't belong to any namespace.I wonder if .NET 2005 has this property .If we create a new class ,how can we use an object of a class in another class (because they don't belong to any namespace)Thanks !
  11. I need some document about Application State and Session Sate in Webservice .Thanks a lot !
  12. Hi all ,I have a table named MasterCard with a column named Code (this column is encrypted with SHA1 algorithm and has data type is varbinary - size 100 )I want to check if a credit card exist in MasterCard table as follow :........SHA1 sha =new SHA1CryptoServiceProvider();byte[] rawBytes = System.Text.ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes(cardId); //cardId :credit card codebyte[] hash = sha.ComputeHash(rawBytes);//hashStringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(hash.Length * 2 + (hash.Length / 8));int i;for (i = 0; i < hash.Length; i++){ sb.Append( BitConverter.ToString( hash, i, 1) );}string encryptedCar
  13. You can lookup it here :www.ebooksclub.org .You must sign up an account before downloading.
  14. Thanks for your response.I sent mail to my mail box.Actually,mail was sent.After 30 minutes it come to mail box,so I think that my program doesn't work.
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