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  1. Actually, I knew the general MySQL, but I want to have a formal training. That's why I want to take a class. I know ASP.Net and VB.Net, but know nothing about MS-SQL.
  2. Also, how popular is Oracle-in-relation-to-web-design ? In another, if i want to look for jobs that use Oracle as a database for web design/programming, how popular it is ? what is the job demand like ? Because I am sure most web design/developer position look for a candidate who knows database.Thanks
  3. Hello,I want to learn database in .NET like ADO, or any database that can be useful to designing webpages. However, all the colleges in my local area are not offering any classes but Oracle. They dont even teach MySQL. The only classes that they have is Oracle. So, I would like to know if I learn Oracle, would that be useful to any web programming languages like VB.NET or web tools like ASP.NET or DreamWeaver, etc...ThanksWL
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