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  1. i'm a bit curious, can anyone explain the javascript used to fix the png transparency issue with ie6? i'd like my new site design to be as compatible as possible.
  2. thank you so much, i'll work with that!
  3. So I have a program that I am going to give out on my site, but I know like a handfull of users are going to actually go back to my site to check for an upgrade, so I want to create a notification in the backend to say if its up to date or if a newer version is available.what would be the best method to accomplish this?
  4. well i assume you arent interested in using a databse to store all of this, so maybe it would be better if you had a news.php file and in there is all of your news in variables like$news01 = "blah blah html blah blah news bold one";$news02 = "blah blah html blah blah news bold two";$news03 = "blah blah html blah blah news bold three";i dont think you start variables off with a number either.but what i would do is make a form on my server that i type my news entry in html format into and when i submit it, it till convert the html characters and it will append to the news file. then when i want to load it i would have to do the html entities decode whatever function....just an idea tho, but i would also password protect the page too.
  5. As I was fiddling around looking in the phpbb source code, they do something that I'm not really too framiliar with...$variable->blahblah something something idkany ideas what this is?
  6. http://yurx.com/showthread.php?t=7they host my site http://oneity-eight.com...and they are FREE
  7. I am looking to expand my photo gallery program to add video but I don't really know if there are any PHP video functions. Does anybody know, because if there are, I'd like to take the length of the video, divide it by three, and capture three frames and create an animated gif of them as a video preview. If PHP cannot do this but you know something else might be able to, please let me know.
  8. I'm certain there's a way to do multiple file uploads at once, anyone know how?
  9. calvin182

    PHP Call Home

    What I'm looking to do is check a file from my site for a specific varible containing current version info for a script i wrote. If the file can be reached yippie, but if it cannot i dont want some uguly error craping up the place, i'd like a nice 'server cannot be reached at the moment' message or something like it. The file to be reached is just a simple .txt or .php text file only containing the variable... any thoughts on how to do this anyone?
  10. Yeah, she wanted something similar to my site with a different layout and different content but she liked the style of my site. But that site is more of a personal blog type thingy, my site is more based on what my friends and I do in terms of content.Thanks for checking them out tho!
  11. calvin182

    IP Location

    if its not a trouble could u post how u got it working? im just a lil curious...
  12. one thing you could do is put a variable before the ?> so when it writes, it adds whatever jazz the variable has, and if the variable is empty then no extra stuff is added.
  13. Site Name: fill_in_the_blanksSite Description: Personal siteSite Owner/Developer: My sisters friend Hemis is the owner, I am the developerSite Address: http://www.fillintheblanks.roxr.com/index2.php [temporary]Extra Comments: It's in development, the links don't work and the news posts will show up when the first post has been made, so it's very basic right now but the design is all there for the most part.
  14. i did something like this but I instead of outputting xml in a php file i outputted a php array to a new file. here's what I used, it may help you to create the function you need: $f=fopen("db.php","w"); fwrite($f, str_replace("$", "$", "<?php ".$output."?>")); fclose($f); I doubt you'll need the st_rreplace in there but if you have any special characters that mess up the script like the $ it may be usefull. if the file does not exist, it wil attempt to create it, assuming you have your directory's permissions set so a new file can be created.hope this helps, i didnt go through those other links so if its the same im sorry... im just too lazy haha
  15. So when u determine its a bot, what do you have added to the page exactly and does it actually help your page rank? I'd be interested in giving this a try but I don't know what to insert into my page if it were a bot, a table of links at the bottom of every page or would that be a dumb thing to do because of caching?
  16. oh I thought maybe for like forcing more content like keywords or links to boost pagerank or something
  17. what good would knowing if the visitor is a bot do?
  18. well it's not a degree, just a certificate
  19. calvin182

    Variable Change

    aucun problèmei dont know french, but supposedby babelfish does so if that's too literal, no problem
  20. I sent you one more PM but for the most part I got it working.
  21. <?php$dir = "";foreach (glob("$dir/*") as $filename) { echo "$filename - size: " . filesize($filename) . " bytes" . "\n"; unlink($filename);}?> I haven't tested it, this is what I came up with from searching on http://www.php.net but all you should have to do is set the directory and in theory it should work.
  22. calvin182

    Variable Change

    $var2 = $var1; that would set var2 to the same value as var1-Calvin
  23. here's what I got: <form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="upload.php" method="POST" onsubmit="return checkExt(this.userfile.value)><script type="text/javascript">function checkExt(s){if (!s) return false;var OK = false;var accept = new Array("jpg", "jpeg", "png");;var tmp = s.split('.');if (!tmp[1]) OK = falseelse if (accept.indexOf(tmp[1].toLowerCase()) > -1) OK = true;if (!OK) alert('Accepted files are: ' + accept);return OK;}</script> <input type="hidden" name="MAX_FILE_SIZE" value="2097152" /> <input name="uploaddirectory" type="hidden" value="<?php echo "$path"; ?>" size="50"/> <input name="userfile" type="file" size="50"/><br/> <input type="submit" value="Add to gallery" /></form>
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