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  1. Matt

    MySQL / Cron?

    Right, I've paid for a game script, only to find out that my host doesn't support Crons. Is there anyway to make my MySQL DB (Managed through phpMyAdmin) to run a script on quarter-hourly or daily basis? Thanks for any help in advance,Matt
  2. Matt

    IE6 CSS help!

    Thanks guys, you're fantastic!I'll have a tinker around and add the suggestions in when I get back from work and see how it goes, shall report back!=]
  3. Matt

    IE6 CSS help!

    Yeah, IE7 is fine with it, but the new design for my website refuses to display correctly in IE6... it works fine in IE7 and Firefox, but I need it to work in older versions of IE. I've been fighting this for ages, but I can't seem to get it to work correctly... would anyone be able to take a look at my CSS and tell me what I'm doing wrong?http://beta.artemis-fowl.com/ <-- The website.http://beta.artemis-fowl.com/style.css <-- The stylesheet.Thanks for any help you can give,Matt
  4. I have a form... and I need to create a piece of Javascript that counts down from three minutes and submits the form.Any ideas?Thanks for any help you guys give,Matt
  5. Matt

    Simple help needed

    It doesn't really have to be reliable/user-friendly, I just need it so it'll do it on most occasions. Is there any tutorials to help me do this?
  6. Matt

    Simple help needed

    I have a simple Guestbook function that I need some help... modifying.http://matt.artemis-fowl.com/tests/guestbook.phpI want to add a META Refresh that, after exactly three minutes, will take the information posted in the form and send it. So, basically, I want it as if the user has clicked submit after 3 minutes. Can this be done?Thanks!MattIf you need the code, just ask.
  7. But the same file that I edit with is the same file that I click on to see the comments. That file is simply a copy of what's in the comments.php
  8. The complete file with all of the PHP can be located at:http://matt.artemis-fowl.com/comments/helpme.txt
  9. I'm now having serious problems. The whole page is written in PHP, and I really don't know how to read it.I cannot seem to delete the parts I want to delete, the e-mail part of the form, and the two checkboxes, and I also need to move the comment form so it's ABOVE the comments that have been posted.Please help, this is, actually, for once, extremely important.
  10. Don't worry about their post not getting submitted quick enough, that's the idea.So, it can be done? And I know someone who can do Flash, I'll speak to him about it, but I'd REALLY prefer it if I could do it through coding... so is there any die-cast ways I can do this?
  11. I also uploaded a complete file of all the code in the "comments.php" file.http://matt.artemis-fowl.com/comments/helpme.txt
  12. Well, thanks for reading this, it means you're trying to help!Here's what I need, basically.I have a comments form on a page on my site:http://matt.artemis-fowl.com/comments/comments.phpBut I need to make some serious edits to suit my needs. Please note that I'll be downloading it all and reuploading it to a new server with a different database, I'm testing through this one.I need it to there's no "E-mail" Input Field, and no checkboxes underneith it (There's two, currently, "Notify me of..." and "Hide my e-mail."I figure that bit should be fairly easy. Here's the REALLY hard part.I need it so
  13. Basically, I have a website created using tables and inline frames. The center table is not big enough and I want to make it so it has a scroll bar, so the viewer can use it to view the rest of the information. Here is the page:http://artemis-fowl.com/NewDesign/fotw.htmAny tips?
  14. I saved the HTML seperately as a .js file, then put the code on the main page where I wanted it to go (<script type="text/javascript" src="leftbar.js"></script>) but it still isn't coming up, and no, I don't know how to use PHP.Is there anything else I can do?
  15. On the new design for my site, I want to save the navigation bar and the extras bar to two seperate files and link to them from the page, so when I change something on one of the two bars, I can simply edit it inside the single file and have it reproduced across the site. I DON'T want to use frames, so is there anything else I can do?
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