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  1. F-Man has a point...I really didn't think about that before. Even so, would it be so bad for these guys to create another site for "real" programming languages? IMO, the tutorials offered at W3Schools are some of the best and clearly explained out there. If these guys would write some "real" programming tutorials, it would clear up a lot of confusion and a lot of the crap one runs into when googling programming tutorials. I think that it would still be nice.Sure, you could buy a $50 book...but even then it's pretty hard to find a good book.$0.02
  2. I second using Notepad. I started off with a WYSIWYG editor in the hopes of reading the generated code to learn positioning...BIG mistake! lol. Learn HTML and CSS code. Write a CSS file. Then write your webpage to reference the CSS file's formatting. All in notepad. Besides...by doing that, you can set yourself up for uber geek status...other languages! And Linux...
  3. It depends, really. What language? C? C++? No way. Those are a little in-depth and complex to me. But Python? Sure! Why not? BASIC? My vote is no. I've started with Python and so far I love it. I did my homework, and I read in a lot of places that BASIC teaches terrible programming habits. Python, however, teaches incredible habits. If you learn BASIC and you learn shortcuts and what not that get things done easily and messily and all that, and then you try to move up to a more powerful language, you'd have to learn all over again. That being said, I voted "definitely".
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    Form Help

    Hey. I'm really, really new to the whole web design thing. But what I need, I hope, is pretty simple. I need to create a form (which I can do in HTML) that, when submitted by someone browsing the webpage, will add the submitted information to a database (which I cannot do). How do I make it so that the submitted information goes directly into a database, which I can then view myself? Thanks.ps- if the topic's been covered, I apologize. I looked and couldn't find anything.
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