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  1. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this but... Hi, I’m working on some Custom Post Types and they are coming along very well . But of course everything can't go smooth, and I have now hit a bump in the road. My question now is; How do I show a post from one specific taxonomy from a Custom Post Type in such as the footer.php? This is maybe not explained very well, so I shall try to explain it clearer for you. Let's say I have made a Custom Post Type with the name Quote and a Taxonomy with the name Genre (Taxonomy = 'hierarchical' => true, this make it behave like a category). Insid
  2. Hope I have posted this in the correct topic...Hi, I'm making a portfolio layout with images in a list (grid view), and I’m working with an fixed-fluid width on my #wrapper (max-width: 1075px; min-width: 960px; ). This works fine as long as I’m showing full width, but when I’m resizing the browser window the img thumbs floats down an leave a gap on the right side (the <li> is set to float:left; ) (as well as it should). But this is not the effect I’m after, I want the img thumbs to resize with the browser window, and I have managed to do that width CSS (example: width: 28.1%; ). But I wa
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