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  1. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this but... Hi, I’m working on some Custom Post Types and they are coming along very well . But of course everything can't go smooth, and I have now hit a bump in the road. My question now is; How do I show a post from one specific taxonomy from a Custom Post Type in such as the footer.php? This is maybe not explained very well, so I shall try to explain it clearer for you. Let's say I have made a Custom Post Type with the name Quote and a Taxonomy with the name Genre (Taxonomy = 'hierarchical' => true, this make it behave like a category). Inside Genre I make two "categories"; One with the name New and the other with the name Old. Like this: Quote- Genre-- New-- Old This works beautiful on the page, but it's when I try to get the newest post from each of these "categories" to show in my footer.php that things don't work anymore. I have done almost exactly this before and it have worked grate, but then I used the regular Categories, this was the code used then: <?php query_posts('category_name=stallnytt&showposts=1'); ?> So how do I get my newest post from the taxonomy Genre; New and Old? This is maybe as easy as categories but I can't figure this one out and would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this . I hope I have explained what I’m after clearly enough, my English (writing) is sadly not the best.
  2. Hope I have posted this in the correct topic...Hi, I'm making a portfolio layout with images in a list (grid view), and I’m working with an fixed-fluid width on my #wrapper (max-width: 1075px; min-width: 960px; ). This works fine as long as I’m showing full width, but when I’m resizing the browser window the img thumbs floats down an leave a gap on the right side (the <li> is set to float:left; ) (as well as it should). But this is not the effect I’m after, I want the img thumbs to resize with the browser window, and I have managed to do that width CSS (example: width: 28.1%; ). But I want a hover effect with text over the images (and that makes a mess out of % ), so now I’m looking for a script that can do the resizing for me because I can't use % on the image if I want that effect; and that I DO!So do anybody knows about a script that can help me with my problem?Specifics:I'm no wizard in .js so it would be fine if it is well documented on how to implement :PIt should be possible to direct to only img with a certain class (don't want all my images to go bananas when resizing )Maybe control image size in css?And of course keep correct image dimensions! I'm not sure if this matters but; this portfolio is going to be implemented in WordPress.I would bee very grateful for all help and tips on the matter, because this problem makes me kinda crazy !Also:I come over this gallery when I was searching after a solution, so here you can see an example on what I want (it also almost have the hover effect I want in mine), resize your browser window and see the effect: http://bestwebgallery.com/ I hope I have explained what I’m after clearly enough, my English (writing) is sadly not the best.Kind regards from a designer who isn’t crazy; yet!
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