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  1. Thanks James. Problem solved. Champion
  2. Hi all.New to javascript so this is a pretty basic question. I have gone through the W3C tute and another tutorial online (which I based my example off, just for something to learn/practice on). var drink = "beer";var lyrics = "";var cans = 10;while (cans > 0) { lyrics = lyrics + cans + " cans of " + drink + " on the wall <br>"; lyrics = lyrics + cans + " cans of " + drink + "<br>"; lyrics = lyrics + "take one down, pass it around,<br>"; if (cans > 1) { lyrics = lyrics + (cans-1) + " cans of " + drink + " on the wall <br&
  3. Hi all. Back with another problem. I'm not entirely sure if an iframe is really what i need, but I suspect it is one possible solution. I have created a website here: greatearthquake.com.au - and now I'd like for the HTML links to cause a little box (frame/iframe, I'm not sure of the correct terminology sorry) to appear where I can insert more content. At the moment, the only link that works is the "P" to the photos, but that loads a demo album I put together quickly in Bridge in a new page. I ideally want this content to appear on top of the home page image. I hope that makes sense. I have an
  4. Ah! I've figured it out myself. I insert {left: x; and top: x;} values after the background coordinates and this positions the sprites where I want them to be. Thanks Ingolme for the help to get me this far. If you notice any redundant/incorrect CSS, or something I could do more efficiently, and can be bothered to note it down for me, feel free. Rest assured I'll be back with more questions on a different topic soon!
  5. Hello again, apologies for my slow progress on this. I am attempting to learn image sprites in my "spare time" (a misnomer, surely), which means unfortunately I only get to it about once a week. I do very much appreciate your help though. Thanks for all of it so far. Your tip regarding turning the link into a block was what I was missing, thanks Ingolme. And after re-reading the W3 tutorial, I understand what I'm doing a lot more now. I am fairly confident I have everything sorted out now, except one last thing.The sprites work, the bg image changes with the mouse hover, but all my images/link
  6. Thanks Ingolme. I'll have another read through the tryit editor and attempt to understand it more clearly with what you've explained here in mind.
  7. hi there,Ingolme put me on to image sprites for a problem I had over a month ago but I have only just yesterday sat down to figure it all out.I have created a background image which is repeated directly below with the changed colours on the relevant parts, and I have only the top half showing as the background image, so I can get that far without trouble. I am not using regular boxes or standard shapes but that should not matter as long as I enter the correct pixel coordinates, is that right?I am confused as to the next step in the process. I can't seem to get my head around the coding as expl
  8. Great. This gives me plenty to look into and play around with. Thanks for the help.
  9. Cheers. The image maps look interesting, I'll look into that. Does this mean I can program sections of the background image to disappear/appear on mouse roll over, or do you mean, using CSS, each page would have only certain portions of the background image visible ? or both, or am I misunderstanding completely?
  10. Hello everyone,I am brand new to this, as may already be evident from the wording of my thread title. After some reading and practice, I am fairly confident on the basics of CSS and XHTML, and I am wanting to push myself a little. In the website I am creating for my own practice sake, I have an external CSS page which is working satisfactorily for basic things around the website. Now I'd like to see if I can make certain sections of the background image to be links to other pages, instead of the HTML navbar I have created. So if I want different sections or elements of the background image to
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