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  1. I've tried to search for the specs for the default style sheets used by IE and Firefox but have not been successful. Can someone who knows point me to where I can find them? Thanks!
  2. I have a list of links. They are broken into groups of links. In order to indent the links, I use CSS to format the "list items containing links" as blocks so I can set text indent. it worked for both IE6 and Firefox 2. But I've noticed that if a link includes a space at the end (just before the </a> tag, it messes up the formatting in IE6. The space between that list item and the next list item dissappears. I've included the code below. I've included the ending space in Links Num 2 and Link Num 10. Can anyone please educate me on why this happens? Is this a bug or am I doing something w
  3. Thank you Sniffy and lilyofthevalley for your encouraging remarks. I will update the copyright to 2007 NOW!Here's wishing all of w3schools forummers a wonderful year ahead!
  4. Thanks to boen_robot, I've managed to convert my table-based layout into CSS-based list. I would not have thought about using floated LIs to get the effect. But the clear:both on elements within the LI didn't seem to have any effect, so I'd to use <br /> to separate the caption from the thumbnail.Something I learnt is that setting an element's display property to BLOCK forces it to be BLOCK at the document level. I'd thought it would only make it a BLOCK element WITHIN its parent element. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I tried to use inline-block to no avail. I'm still pretty confused o
  5. I'm trying to convert the layout tables in my site into CSS formatted lists... and I'm pulling my hair out. I've uploaded two versions of my attempts at getting it right. In both versions, the original desired Table layout is below the List based one. Also I've kept each thumbnail with its caption in the same list item since they belong together.In this first try, based on what my limited knowledge of how CSS should work, I can't get the thumbnail to go below the text caption. whether by using <br /> or by setting the IMG tag to BLOCK. Setting IMG tag to BLOCK seem to set the entire LI t
  6. The following is my three step plan based on your pointers (THANKS) and my aptitude as I figure out each technique:1. Provide a currency exchange tool <as suggested by reportingsjr>. All prices indicated in S$ only.2. Display 2 prices for each item in S$ (the reference) and foreign currency (indicative estimation) <as suggested by justsomeguy>. The visitor will have to choose the foreign currency he/she prefers.3. Figure out how to read and write cookies <as suggested by Jesh>. I believe I can do step 1 now. Step 2 should be okay unless I get caught by the JS problems I'd pre
  7. Thanks for your encouragement, reportingsjr and boen_robot.Dear boen_robot,Although I've solved the JS problem, I still hope to find out one day why it didn't work, as it uses a seemingly elementary technique that I would have kept on using in the future. But I'm happy to have found an alternative method (through trial and error) that works.On the CSS table, I'll be trying it. Thanks for your instructions. I update the site about once a week, when I relist the jewellery on eBay. So any changes will not be immediate.My next few action item is figuring out how to add a currency converter to the
  8. Thanks jesh and Tarte for your compliments. I've adopted jesh's suggestion and modified the style of the main nav.Also regarding the javascript problem that I had with the links - I've managed to solve it - just in case you go to the site and try to replicate the problem. I'm using onclick to trigger the javascript function rather than the HREF attribute in the A tag. I still don't understand why the first method didn't work. I just wish I'd find out one day.Thanks again to all who gave your valuable comments.
  9. Actually, you can simulate the effect quite closely. Just click "Restore Down" button on the top right corner (to the left of the Close button) of the Photoshop application window. Then just resize the application window down. That way, you can see your computer desktop, your graphics file that is opened, and your photoshop toolbars, palettes and menus.Hope that helps. ps. if you're into color correction of your photos for example, the usual advise is to use the grey background, so your colour sense is not affected by a colourful desktop picture.
  10. Hi,Sorry for the late reply. Just returned from overseas and have just completed some of the action list based on the helpful comments here. The updated site design is at the same address here. Again, comments and critiques are most welcome. The following are some of the changes I've made:1. Layout has been centered. Didn't add a border (which I liked) cos' the boss (wifey) preferred no borders.2. Lowered the subnavigation breadcrumbs in the Tips & Treats section to make it more obvious. Considering whether to do the same for all other navigation submenus in the other sections.Still hasn't
  11. Thanks , boen_robot for your detailed reply.The reason I wrote the javascript was to meet 2 needs:a. allow normal caching so that visitor do not need to reload all the thumbnail on every visit to the page.b. set an expiry date after which the browser would be forced to reload the page & thumbnails. (the expiry date is when the listing numbers are changed and new items are added).As you pointed out, this won't work if javascript is disabled. Using the Meta method, can the visitor's browser be forced to reload ONLY after a preset expiry date?On using CSS instead of tables, I tried that but m
  12. First, thanks all for your time and prompt replies. It really is very encouraging. My wife is absolutely amazed at how polite everybody here is. And I do want to apologise for addressing Ible-White as he.I have made a "to do" list based on the comments: 1. I'll shift the alignment to centered. 2. Actually, I've just started learning about CSS and is very excited about it. But I'm sticking to the simpler ones as I'm worried about browser incompatibilities. 3. Will try some other placement tomake the links more obvious. 4. boen_robot, are you referring to the javascript for renewing the page?
  13. Hi,I am doing this site for my wife as a labour of love.It's not completed as yet--> I'm looking at how to improve it.CLICK HERE FOR THE SITEAnyway- I just wanted to hear what you think of it so far.Don't try to soften the blows- just yell it out!Any suggestions, comments, critiques?ps- I was inspired by Ible-White posting requesting feedback on his site - and the warm response to his posting. So I'm hoping for a similarly candid comments from the helpful forumers here. And erm, this is NOT an attempt to get you to buy anything from my wife's site. I'm interested in the web development aspe
  14. Hi,Can someone please help out? Thanks!
  15. Thank you for the reply, Jesh. Actually, I would like the opposite - I'd like the javascript to load before anything else, so that the surfer can start clicking on the links if they see a picture of an item they like - even before the rest of the pictures load. At the moment, the link .js statement is in the head section, and when I transfer the javascript code to the TOP of the HTML page, the problem still occurs. In fact, I would like the page to continue loading while the new window is being opened. At present, not only does the new window not open, the HTML page stops loading. Cheers!
  16. Hi,I tried transfering the javascript code from the .js file to the top of the HTML file as well. Problems remain the same. I'm totally confounded...
  17. Hi,BackgroundI have an HTML page that is linked to a .js file. The .js file contains a database (using an array) of reference numbers (my product numbers) and their corresponding URL links. The HTML page contains a list of "link" that send a reference number to a javascript function in the .js file that opens a window at the relevant URL. I do this because the URLs (eBay listing pages) changes for each reference number changes frequently (with each re-listing on ebay) and it's very labour-intensive to update the URLs all over my website.ProblemBecause the HTML contains photo thumbnails, it tak
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