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    I'm an IBM Lotus Notes Domino developer, and use HTML on a limited basis. IBM allows "pass thru HTML" that I can use to render tables and other HTML objects that looks nicer with HTML than they do with the native Lotus Script.
  1. Yes, I tried out Ingolme's suggestion and found how the default padding on HTML works. When I put this code in the W3-TryItEditor the leading space is removed. Thanks!<html><body marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 leftmargin=0 topmargin=0>***TEST***</body></html>
  2. I have an IBM Lotus Notes Domino application, that isn't viewed on the web. It can only viewed by an end user who has the IBM Lotus Notes Client installed. So my application is a "form & view" IBM application, but it has the ability to display HTML within the application. Does this make sense? If so, having said that, I'm fairly confident the extra space is part of the HTML and not from my IBM product, and I think this because I'm able to insert image files and other elements without this extra space. Thanks, Paul.
  3. I'm not using a CSS. I'm using very plain HTML that is rendered in a non-HTML environment. There is no HTML before my table, my table is the first HTML on my page. Here's what it looks like:http://postimage.org/image/22mkgg1c4 Here's my HTML:<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="660" border=0><TR><TD style="border:1px solid #95A8C8;" width="130" bgColor=#F7F7E6><FONT face="tahoma" size="1" color=#506C9A>Date/Time</FONT></TD><TD style="border:1px solid #95A8C8;" width="120" bgColor=#F7F7E6><FONT face="tahoma" size="1" color=#506C9A>Updated b
  4. <!-- I don't want any space here --!><table><tr>***test1***</tr></table>I'm using HTML in IBM's Lotus Notes Domino product, using what IBM calls pass thru HTML to render some nice looking tables in my application. My tables are perfect except I have a blank line in front of each <table></table> that I can't see to get rid of. Any thoughts? From what I can tell HTML itself is the culprit for automatically inserting this blank line, though I can't rule out that it might be how the other product is rendering the HTML. Thanks, Paul.
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