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  1. http://www.editplus.com/ Oh Edit Plus simply a text editor
  2. Thank you for the quick response Mr.Mod. I must say I did put in w3school editor again today & it worked there! but not in my edit plus! Well I surely do not need to learn conglomerations of bad practices of web development. Any suggestions for a place to get good training guidance I would appreciate... Interested in learning to build display advertizing & one page ads ect.
  3. Hi I am a student at a marketing university (unofficial University) & during some exercise in building a page the trainer gave me a DIV tag that would not scroll or show the lettering. It would not work in my edit plus as well as in the w3 school, but it did work for him in both! I thought it my be my browser so I tried firefox, google chrome & Internet explorer all produced same results. Here's the tag: last portion of the page <DIV style="top:340px; left:10px;width:582px; HEIGHT:60px; BORDER: 4px #000000 solid; background-color:purple; position:absolute"><br><marquee bgcolor=pink><font size="5" color="black"><B>This page was made by</B></font></marquee></Div> Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the ad into this awesome forum & one of the best educational tools on the web!

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