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  1. Thank you guys so much, I know this was a simple fix, but thanks to your input - it's fixed!Really goes to show how much us designers miss our developers when they aren't available! xDThanks again,Jay Williams - Williams Media.www.mywilliamsmedia.com
  2. Thank you for the help guys! The form is sending mail now, but is there anything simple that I can do to make sendmail.php show the contact page again instead of just a blank white page?It would be nice if people could fill out the form, hit send, the mail sends, then they are left looking at the contact page again - not a blank white page.How would I go about doing this?Thanks again in advance!
  3. Thank you so much for the reply. I corrected that to action="sendmail.php" but now the send button sends me to a blank white page with http://www.mywilliamsmedia.com/sendmail.php in the address bar.I'm still searching both files for a fix. Normally I have a developer take care of PHP, I'm pretty limited to XHTML and CSS, but I need to get this working as quickly as possible, so I'm having to figure it out myself this time!Thanks again for your time and assistance,Jay Williams - Williams Media.www.mywilliamsmedia.com
  4. W3Schools Community,I'm trying to get this to send to email, but when you fill out the form and hit send, it just blanks out the form and does nothing - it doesn't send either.'contact.php' uses 'sendmail.php' to send the email - they are both in the root directory.Here is the page live (it's hosted on Linux):http://www.mywilliamsmedia.com/contact.phpsendmail.php <?php //CHECK FOR REQUIRED FIELDS if ($_REQUEST['name'] != "" AND $_REQUEST['email'] != "" AND $_REQUEST['message'] != "") { $to = "info@mywilliamsmedia.com"; $subject = "Williams Media Contact - ".$_REQUEST['name']; $
  5. Made a post in the JS section that may belong here - I don't know where it belongs actually :/ Sorry lol.http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.ph...t=0#entry134649
  6. There is a popular game known as 'My Brute' that has come out recently. Everyone at the top has been using a script to sign up new pupils, giving their own character experience. This is not against any rules, and so they allow the use of these scripts. Some of the highest ranked players have over 600,000 pupils giving them experience, and fewer than 10 victories - definitely enough to send up red flags to the administrators - and definitely not breaking any rules :)The script should make a new character under yours (a pupil), fight the 6 automatic matches available to the pupil (no game pla
  7. Lol I don't know about easy, not to be rude but web development takes a bit of work, and I would never ever do a job for $100...Jarret to get an idea of what your time is worth, ask yourself this: "Can the client do this without me, or do they NEED me?" :)Again, I'm not trying to be a jerk, good luck Nikolay
  8. Lol the guy got me too, adultfriendfinder came up for me tho, guess I'm safe >.>But yeah, swiftly end that user's w3s life imo lol.
  9. i have this in an external .js file: if(document.images) {pics = new Array(); pics[3] = new Image();pics[3].src = "images/nav_about.jpg"; pics[4] = new Image();pics[4].src = "images/nav_about_over.jpg";pics[5] = new Image();pics[5].src = "images/nav_about_click.jpg"; }function changer(from,to) {if(document.images) {document.images[from].src = pics[to].src;}} and this is in my html: <td><a onmouseover="changer('about',4)" onmouseout="changer('about',3)" onclick="changer('about',5)"><img src="images/nav_about.jpg" border="0" name="about" /></a></td> Thing is, I
  10. Yeah I remember having an old DOS computer that had only green on the monitor lol...
  11. Wow, thats without the 800 <tr> and </tr> tags, and the 480,000 <td> and </td> tags lol.You see, I think we understand this so much that we could plan it out and already know precisely how many characters are needed to code this up lol.Thing is tho, wouldn't you just be amazed to see someone even do this lol? I know I sure would...That's why I need to get a program written that will just read the colors from an image and generate the HTML for it...
  12. Dude that's awesome. What I'm trying to do is pretty similar, but with 1px by 1px lol. Like, a great excercise would be to make your avatar here (without animation) like that - but like dead on, because you are setting the color for each individual pixel :)And oh yeah lol - it 'is' 480,000 lol - must o hit something wrong on calc ^^
  13. Yeah it would be 4,800,000 images I'm pretty sure - but that is absurd to code by hand lol.Also to clarify, it would actually be ZERO images, as you would never need a 'real' image - only 1px by 1px table cells with the same bgcolor values as the pixels in the original image.And yes, since it would be such a pain to code, I am looking to write a program that would read the colors from the pixels in an image, then kinda write the XHTML for me (standards compliant, I wanna do it right if I'm gonna do it lol).So what you are left with, is a giant XHTML table, containing no images, but displaying
  14. I had decided to possibly give this a shot, just for pure amusement, but I then decided that if I was only really doing it so that I could see it done and show others - then wouldn't that be a HUGE waste of time if someone has already beaten me to it?I have been looking around to see if it has been done yet, and so far, I'm not finding anything... If anybody could find me a link to any info on this, that would be awesome :)The closest thing that comes to mind is that kid that sold ads per pixel, but that wasn't really the same concept...Additionally, I have come up with an unorthodox concept
  15. Oh guys thank you so much. Let me clarify some stuff I suppose:- I am using a script from a tutorial here (http://www.thesitewizard.com/archive/feedbackphp.shtml) so I didn't know there 'was' a POST lol. If anyone knows of a better way to start, let me know - the PHP tutorial here didn't seem to help much, it only kinda told me what 'could' be done - not how to do it lol.- I am sharing a server that someone else has generously given me FTP to, so I will have to ask him about those settings. Seems to me that I asked about PHP and MySQL once for a database, and he said yes to PHP, and that he
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