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  1. I got it done with jquery and javascript, but it only works on the first <li class="comment"> of the comment area. I want it to do the same for each. Here is the code that only works for the first one. $(document).ready(function() { var a = $("li.comment").attr("id"); var b = $("li.comment[id='"+a+"']"); var c = $("li.comment > div.comment-body div > p > a").attr("href"); var d = $("li.comment > div.comment-body div > p > a[href='"+c+"']"); var e = document.createElement("ul");jQuery.each(["#"+a==c], function() { if("#"+a==c) { $(e).addClass("children").appendTo(; d.parents("li.comment").appendTo(e); $("li ul li div.reply").remove();};});});
  2. Here is the location of the comments I need help with on my scrap Blogger/blogspot blog. I'm trying to move the replies under the ones they reply to. 1. I want to move the reply starting from the <li> node it is in, then 2. place it in a <ul> tag with the class "children" inside of the <li> node of which the comment replies to 3. I also want to remove the <a>reply</a> from the moved comment(s) Help me please
  3. Why is it taking so long to get validated? I need help now!

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