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    first of all thanks alotsecond, can i see some of your designs?\how can i find not cpyrightedf pictures and how do i know if a picture is copyrighted or notim just new to this business so...
  2. helloi wish to design a website in photoshopi made a flat lifeless page, and i want to code it now (sliced) here is a link to the designsite4-2.jpgi have 2 questions1. after i tried to code it in dreamweaver, and uploaded the html file, thats what i gothttp://www.geocities.com/abitdjangoish/site64sliced.htmlwhat exactly is the problem can anyone say?2. i read in another photoshoip topic that desiigning sites in photoshop is badhow bad is it? is it really "banned" or its just a matter of choice and that its used pretty commonly?thank you very much for the answsers
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