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  1. Is there a way to get document elements of a different html file through JavaScript? I need to be able to get the title and the description (the description being se by meta tag).
  2. How do I add an attribute (like src="blah") into a tag created using createElement? It has to be in JS, and can not use innerHTML. Thanks!
  3. that worked thanks guys
  4. <!DOCTYPE html><html> <head> <title>Nova Skin Lite</title> <script type="text/javascript"> function steve() { document.getElementById('edit').innerHTML = '<iframe src=\"http://minecraft.novaskin.me/lite#http://www.minecraft.net/images/char.png\" width=\"100%\" height=\"800\">ERROR CODE: I ######ed up</iframe>'; } function userSkin() { var user = document.skin.user.value document.getElementById('edit').innerHTML = '<iframe src=\"http://minecraft.novaskin.me/lite#'user'\" width=\"100%\" height=\"800\">ER
  5. I am making a Windows 8 app using Visual Basic. I'm using the VBScript forum because its pretty much the same thing but one is for web and I love W3Schools Forums. I need to write into an already existing .jar file. I know in Java this is done by unpacking adding and packing but the API methods for it is not in VB. How do I do it?Oh also would it be possible to do this using VBScript in a Windows 8 HTML/JS app?
  6. Ok so it did not work. Chrome highlights all of the parts in the script part where it says "area". It says "Uncaught Syntax Error: Unexpected Token ILLEGAL". and also on the buttons for activating, it says the functions don't exist
  7. So I just have to align it all into one line for each writing? Wait hold on I spotted something, I forgot to end some functions with }. I'm going to try these one at a time and see If I can fix it. Lemme see if it works.
  8. Because it is to write those parts in when called upon and if they are not escaped it thinks those quotes are not for writing but to stop writing and that messes it up.
  9. I need help debugging this because I can't find the problem. When I click the buttons that are supposed to make the script write in the correct code, it doesn't. The Google Chrome debuger is coming up with weird stuff and I don't understand why it thinks this. <html><head><title>SimpServ - Simple Server Managment Dashboard</title><link rel="shortcut icon" href="simpservicon.png"><script language="javascript">function playman(){document.getElementById("area").innerHTML = "<b>Player Managment</b><br><form action=\"methods/playermain.php\"
  10. for number three you could use a database like MySQL
  11. Perhaps you could use APIs from external sites like Google or Facebook? Lots of sites allow you to login through Facebook through their API. Or you could get a host that uses cPanel to set a password onto a directory. I do that with my Troop's site.
  12. Did you try with IE9? I'm pretty sure, but I might be wrong, that HTML 5 was not compatible in 8. It for sure is in IE9. Also from the looks at all of that code it does seem like it would be simpler to use an iframe seeing that all you would have to do is <iframe src="URL HERE">MESSAGE FOR IF IT DOES NOT WORK HERE</iframe> with other optional attributes like width and height
  13. absorr

    Make PHP make PHP

    Thank you! The reason is for that server manager that I've been posting for help on recently. I keep having to manually put in my clients' information in and I want to make it generate the files based on the information they put into the form field. That just gave me the last thing i needed to make that work!
  14. absorr


    Just tell me/show me what I need to do.
  15. absorr

    Make PHP make PHP

    I know that you can use file_put_contents to write a file and that you can use \ to cancel things, but though If I were to generate a PHP file through this (unless there is a more efficient way) what would I need to cancel and also how would I make it start a new line?
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