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  1. Ok, now that I have it so that it submits things in a forum to a txt via php, how do I make it so that when it puts things in the txt it doesn't replace whats already there? Reply to this in any way, sorry if my restrictions above were annoying.The code for the PHP is <?php$a_str = array($_POST["fname"],$_POST["age"]);$contents = implode(PHP_EOL, $a_str);$contents .= PHP_EOL . PHP_EOL;file_put_contents("testtxt.txt", $contents);print("|$contents|");?>if that helps you
  2. By don't explain I meant don't give me an essay. I did say I would like some basics. And yes, I am mainly aiming for the code, but that does not mean I don't want anything else. And also I'm not aiming to place it in a certain place in the document. I'm puting it in a separate place so i can use an iframe to get the code in. That's just some things I wanted to clarify. Thanks Duotone Fox for your great answer.
  3. I want to make it so that when you hit the submit button, the text in the text box is added onto a separate html document. Don't explain how, just give me a code example and some basics on it.
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