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  1. Uh never mind I think I figured it out. I got it to print out the information in javascript and output the info to the page.edit:here is a new link to it http://www.oliazk.com/assignments/assign3.html
  2. Hello all,I am trying to do an assignment I got from my teacher but I just for the life of me cant figure out how I am going to go about doing. If you dont mind helping that would be great I went ahead and made the page I am going to put the assignment on just need to figure out how to do it but look here.... http://www.oliazk.com/assign3.htmlI dont want the answer just some idea how to do it. I am externally linking the javascript file.Thanks for any help.
  3. ok i can center the table i have no problem with css but i want it to be centered in the middle of the page not just vertically but also horizontally
  4. I need to center a table on a page so that its allways in the middle of the page. Not just down the center. But so that on any size it will always end up in the center of the page dead center hopefully.thanks for any suggestions
  5. Ok I will try that here in alittle bit. I kinda see how it will work to. Although I will probably put it in my css file not in my html file. It still should work the same though.Thanks.
  6. Well I probably uploaded it after you looked at it so it should look right now. Althought I cant get the border's on the sides of the table cells that the links are located in to show up. I think I might just make some little picutures that I might use as links. My artistic talent is not that great though . I need to figure out a new color scheme for my links if I don't go the picture route.I am trying to just make it look correctly in Firefox so I kinda don't really care how it lookes in IE. It should look better now in IE though.
  7. Ya it uses cpanel. I acutaly kinda like cpanel I also have complete access to all my files well everthing except for the system thats running them and the host apps. But I can access the database programs in a way. So I have access in other words to manage mysql and phpadmin. I was wondering cause sometimes I think I come off like I am being rude.
  8. With the host I mentioned previously I don't think we will have a problem makeing a database. If we have to (this would be a extreme case) we would make our own server but I don't think we want to go that far. Although it might help with the schools site in the long run.If need be I can see what I can do with my servers database because we will probably get that host mentioned. I have no problem with messing stuff up to find out what something will do. So if there is something that I could try to see if what we want to do is posible with http://www.foreverhost.us/index.htm . Let me know what i
  9. Well I am trying to make it so that the border only shows on the sides/bottom/top where ever but it keepes showing up all around for me. I did the two things you guys mentioned they seemed to help I also refered to the CSS2 reference and did some other things but I can't get the border to appear between the cells that I have my links in on the top of my page. Well thanks for the help.
  10. Well the server were planing on using will have apache and mysql it also has a program called fantastico. Which installs a long list of different free programs. forums, bulliten boards, etc. This is the host we will probly use, http://www.foreverhost.us/index.htm . I use it for my own site, and my friend also has a site through them.
  11. Does anyone know why table boarders will not display properly in Firefox? If there is a way to fix this or make it so they display properly please let me know.edit:Also how can I center my page. You can see it here... http://www.oliazk.com/ Thanks
  12. My friend and I are trying to make a application form for our school. We have found out that the way were going to need to do it will require some database work. We are currently try to get a hold of a server that will allow us to do what we need. This form is for applying to our high school/collage program. We need to beable to make a form using a program or by hand. So that it saves a copy to our server and depending on what they chose sends a copy of it in a readable format to one of 3 places. If anyone has done or knows of a way to do this that would be great. Any suggestions would be gre
  13. Well ok thanks I will let my friend know so we can get what we need to do this.
  14. Ok me and a friend are trying to make a form for a school application. Is it at all posible to do it with out any data bases? We are limited to HTML/XHTML and CSS. Were doing a basic information type form. It will be including the applicants name, email, address, etc. Also would it be posible to make it so each time a applicant clicks submit it creats a different file it saves to? Any information will be greatly appriciated. If more information on what we are trying to do is needed please ask.Thanks
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