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    If Condition In Xml

    ok...I understand what you said me and I saw that doesn't use conditions etc...In same cases I found that you can use a language as an attribute and to have the opportunity to write a condition...with <![CDATA[ but I dont know how and that's why I asked for this...do you know something on this...? Thank you...
  2. sat88

    If Condition In Xml

    Hello...I'm a begginer in xml and i want to ask something...How to use an "if" statement in order to appear an element with a rule...For example if something = 'this' then display the element else do not display...Below you can find the code in which i have to do what i asked.Please let me know if you want something else...<element Name="xxx" ApplyOrder="true" Type="Tab" ShowName="true" ColumnIndex="2" TabName="Options"> <Attribute Name="attname"> <Rules> <Required/> </Rules>
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