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  1. Oopse, didnt even border to read the whole thing. I thought the OP s talking about bg-image.
  2. Less work for server, instead of sending back error messages each time the field(s) is/are empty...
  3. Describe the problem you are facing!
  4. eTianbun

    Html link

    You askED same question in the HTML & Javascript sections of this site.NEXT time, just avoid this!
  5. ! Explaination not clear.
  6. e.g: newPopUp=window.createPopup()newPopUp.document.body.style.fontWeight='value'
  7. In websites, bugs are ERRORS which makes a paticular code not to run or run well, while Debug is finding error(s) and fixing them.
  8. iDont realy get you! In pure HTML: If you want the link that was clicked to still be highlighted even when you recieve the requested page, then highlight the requested page's link yourself. For example, if you are at the 'HOME' page and want the 'ABOUT US' link to still be highlighted when you get to the 'ABOUT US' page, then make sure that the link (about_us link) is already highlighted in the 'ABOUT US' page, so each time you visit the 'ABOUT US' page, its pre-highlighted even without clicking the 'ABOUT US' link in the HOME PAGE.
  9. Use the visibility property.Ex: <div id="sub" style="visibility:hidden"> <!--Some text/tags here--> </div> NB: If you use the 'visibility' property, the element will be hidden & the space it occupied will be reserved (that space will be empty).
  10. Where is the CSS for item1 & item2? Using margin top | bottom should fix that, except there is/are ERROR(s) in you® CSS.
  11. Goto W3schools.com/css and learn CSS. After going through that & you have problem(s), come back here and ask.
  12. .Gif file is a sequence of images, put together to become animation. I dont think you need to know programing, when creating .Gif file, except you want to create flash.
  13. I dont understand what you're talking about. Post the part you have problem with!
  14. Your code should have worked that way, but your first <div> is not closed properly!
  15. Then embed it in! I'm using a mobile browser & i cant realy see the div.
  16. eTianbun


    <input type="radio" name="gender"> name attr, should be thesame.
  17. If you want replace the <div>, then use <img> tag. Ie: <img src="path-to-image/listen.png" style="...">
  18. Re-phrase your question with example!
  19. You still need to explain, if you need my help. Am using mobile browser and i cant realy tell what you want from the uri you posted.
  20. document.getElementById('formElement').type
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