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  1. I guessed it would be done like that however I thought there must be a better way to do it.Now that you have mentioned jQuery, I think I know how I can do that now.Thanks Synook
  2. You are attemting to use multi-dimensional, numerical arrays however your indexes contain text. This will error.Multi-dimensional arrays, as shown above work as follows: arrayVariable[arrayIndex][index] For example:Numerical Array:numArray[0][1] = "I am the second index in the numArray[0] array!"; Associative Array:assocArray["bananas"]["color"] = "yellow"; Mixed:mixedArray["name"][6] = "w3schools"; Or you could do the following...array = (insert array here)copyOfArray = array; Hope this helps!
  3. I am aware that you say PHP now works, however I will explain, as you said, for others.The above snippet from the xampp configuration file is the new 'XAMPP security concept'. Basically it says:If the user is requesting a page where the URL contains any of: xampp licenses phpmyadmin webalizer server-status server-info then redirect them to an error page telling them they may not visit, UNLESS they are on the local machine.When I was developing a site for my brother, I had to remove '|phpmyadmin' so I could access the database from my computer that was running on his laptop. This has nothing to do with allowing PHP files to run.If you are having problems with PHP running you must add the PHP type with the following code into your server configuration. NOTE that XAMPP comes configured already. AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
  4. Have a look at this:if(($row > $this->rows || $row < 0) || ($column > $this->columns - 1 || $column < 0)){ throw new Exception('element is not set');} What is that second line meant to do?It looks like a semi-formed if statement. Your opening bracket for this statement (if that is what it is) has not been closed.
  5. Hi, The nav bar here is the effect I am referring to.I wish to make something similar. How can I do that and what is it called? Thanks
  6. $data in the first instance (preg_match_all) should be the markup containing the images (ie page source). media is where it will be returned. I think you mistakenly swapped those around in the described function? however after quickly looking at the code, you could doecho $url; inside the foreach function.
  7. shanet

    Just Starting Php

    The PHP line:$qtsVezes = count($bebi);has been entered wrong. There is no variable $bebi It should be:$qtsVezes = count($_POST['bebi']); That seems to be the only error in your script. Happy scripting
  8. Note type=WMFWindows Media File. Or at least that is my guess.
  9. I am guessing the cases outside the PHP are javascript related?I think the first example is best because of the code readability. If you are that worried about squeezing every drop of performance out of the script, the open/close tags may eliminate them however do not quote me on that. For absolute peak performance on that, you should use single quotes rather than double. This is faster because less escape characters are available and it does not substitute variables. That is just my opinion.However I will also say this. With if statements containing only one line of code, you may re-write it as follows:if (condition) echo "Condition met"; As soon as there is more than one piece of code you must: if (condition) { echo "Condition met"; $condMet = true;}
  10. Bigjoe: You will want to use a server-side language such as PHP as suggested above. PHP makes it rather simple to send mail (once the server has been set up) with the mail function: http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_mail.asp Good luck!
  11. Hush :PLet this be a happy place of tranquility and peace which we can all enjoy (the fumes) equally. (I been taking more than my fair share)... But really there is no need for this :PJust saying...
  12. Name: ShaneBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 27.02.1994Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: PisciesCountry of residance: AustraliaCity of residance: PerthHeight: ~185 cmEyes: BlueHair: Dark blondSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: NoFavourite Music: Anything Bon JoviFavourite Movies: Anything goodInterest: Programming (particularly web), computers, reading, musicPets: New pup (it wont shut up!).Additional comments: Hi all, I am in to web programming
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