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  1. The margin and padding really doesnt work...it makes the whole thing odd, my css file is this... .bg {z-index:-999;position:absolute;height:100%;width:100%margin:0;padding:0;}
  2. I have fixed it so far. However there seems to be a white margin on the top and left, ive tried to add margin-top:0px; but then that messes up the rest of it.Any ideas?
  3. Thank you, that works! However i cant seem to get the other stuff on top of the background image, even with z-index...Any ideas?
  4. Hi everyone, im sure this has been covered already, however i cant find it. How do you get an image to always be the size of a page, for example you have the body 800px but behind this is the background im talking about. Hope this makes sense! Thanks guys
  5. Hi everyone, ive writtern this code and it doesnt work properly, can someone please help me to understand why this doesnt work. Or one better, solve the mystery! Thanks in advance! import java.util.Scanner;/* This program is from lecture 3, it asks the user for their name, then says hello name* if that name = lucy then i want it to say something else.* 19/10/11* @author ahr */public class lecture { public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception { String name; System.out.println("Enter your name"); Scanner Scan = new Scanner(System.in); name = Scan.next(); if (name = "lucy")
  6. yeah i know it will be open, i dont mind, its not for secure stuff
  7. Hi guys i want some help with a simple problem i have.Okay so im a new student and i have this website http://geeksqueaks.co.uk. Im trying to do this thing where the user clicks a button, this opens a message box, which the user then puts in a password, if the word is correct i want to be able to show a document.I hope this makes sense! Thanks guys
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