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  1. Any one here know what a RAD is? It is a concept, Rapid Application Development. There are a few of those tools in the market, do you guys use anyone?Explain us your experience.
  2. Ok, sorry for the wait. There is two different types of code generators, the database driven (codecharger, phprunner, etc...) and the application oriented such as scriptcase Database driven the are almost the same, of couse some of then with something better in specific aspects, but in the end the top 3 are almost the same. The application oriented I only know scriptcase and this one is really good, it will do everthing that a database driven does with some benefits, runs in the browser (i can access it anywhere) acept more then one developer at the same time, acept the crieation of huge data
  3. Hello, I'm about to buy my first PHP code generator, I have already tested up a few, have my own opinion about it but wanted to discuss it a little bit first, anyone here uses/used? what you guys can tell me about it? I still testing then and will post some of my experience about it. Please comment!
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