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  1. Thanks so much Don E ill try this out once i get to school
  2. Sure heres my home page .htm and css page files. could it be that the background image is a .jpg? its pretty important for me to get this working as it will be my portfolio, (THE WEB PAGE ITSELF IS A PART OF THE PORTFOLIO ISNT THAT CLEVER!) thanks for every ones help index.html main_style.css
  3. I have no idea whats going on with my website, not even my web teacher knows. I dont think its my CSS file cause things like the background, Links bar, and content container are all looking fine. as you can see it isnt centerd properly. Here are some screen shots. its strange cause on the computer at my school it works fine on IE, but when i try viewing it on Google Chrome it isnt right. I got my mom to try it on fire fox and IE and it screwd up on both for her. any one have any ideas? what its supposed to look like: What it turnes out to be on Google Chrome:
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